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 Meet Ester. Two weeks ago Ester moved into her brand new townhouse in a gated community and was bursting with pride about her new little abode. She felt like she was floating on air because it was all hers. Independence beckons. With very little furniture, curtains and limited supply of cooking utensils she made do, knowing undoubtedly that as soon as she could, she would begin creating the home she envisioned in her mind’s eye. The future never held so much promise, life was good.

On day three, Ester was still in full homemaking mode, humming along while she unpacks her belongings and planning each room’s function and form down to the last detail. But all was not well. Ester noticed that her neighbour – an elderly, frail looking woman – could see directly into her bedroom. The old woman appeared to be an artist of some sort and on closer inspection, Ester could make out canvases and painting tools in the room facing her bedroom windows. That night, while Ester was hanging the double bed sheet from her curtain rails, she noticed the old woman staring across at her form her art studio, she had a camera in her hands and appeared to take a picture of Ester. A bit startled Ester quickly hung up the rest of the sheet and went to bed. The following morning, after a not-so-good-night’s-rest, she woke-up and removed the sheet. To her unpleasant surprise, proudly displayed in the old woman’s art studio was a canvas painting of what looked very much like Ester. There she was, painted in her nightgown looking vulnerable. Ester knew then and there that she had to do something about having become a reluctant muse.

Ester set about looking into quick and affordable window treatments for her home to protect her privacy and that was when she stumbled upon window frosting.

In comparison to curtains or blinds, window frosting is a quicker and more affordable option.

While curtains and blinds need to be custom-made to fit the windows and glass doors (with a waiting period before the completed product is installed) – window frosting can be fitted effortlessly to any type or size of window or door and installed on-site in virtually no time at all.

Blinds and curtains offer excellent privacy when they are closed, but when they are open, the level of privacy is lessened whereas with window frosting, Ester would never have to worry about privacy issues ever again. In addition, frosting lets in a certain amount of natural light whilst giving you the privacy you need. In many cases, people switch on their lights due to their blinds or curtains blocking any natural light from entering the home, leading to inefficient energy consumption over the long term. Window frosting is opaque and unchanging – even when wet or when all the lights are switched on, the window frosting will not become transparent, thus guaranteeing your privacy and keeping you safe from unscrupulous aspiring Picassos. With blinds and curtains you’re forced to go dark or go bright, with no wiggle room between the two extremes. Window frosting, on the other hand, allows for 93% of the natural light to stream through into the interior which then diminishes the need for artificial lighting. Strike that perfect balance between privacy and comfort with quick, easy and affordable window frosting.

Window frosting proved to be the solution to all of Ester’s needs and then some.

If you have a nosy, weird or overly-inspired artistic neighbour with too much time on her hands, or simply want to modernise the look of your home, think window frosting. Why not try out our pricing calculator to see just how affordable and cost-effective our window frosting is?

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