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When last did you consider how your window signage is affecting your business? Does your office have sufficient window signage that communicates the correct message to your customers or potential clientele? Window signage has steadily grown in its popularity and is now considered an impactful way of advertising your business and increasing foot traffic through your doors, so it should be impactful.

The window signage you choose for your business should be easy to read and provide a clear message to any passers-by.

The message you have on the outside of your business premises speaks volumes to potential clientele. The window signage you choose should not only clearly indicate the nature of your business and your value proposition but also the corporate culture of your company. Using bold graphics or wording can bring in new customers because you are stating what they might find on the inside. For instance, if you have a printing business and you offer a fast and speedy service due to the fact that you use state-of-the-art printing equipment, then you should communicate that on your shop-front. You might use phrases such as ‘quick and convenient’ or ‘in a flash’ or give a time estimate. This is considered essential information about your brand and it should help to drive traffic through your doors.

Window signage should also complement your business surroundings.

Appropriate window signage should complement the character of your surroundings and your brand. It should form an integrated part of the building and the design of your office space and be carried throughout the interior of the space too. By using a high quality window signage service provider, you can rest assured that the design quality will remain at a high standard and not be visually obtrusive or be too busy. The design can then be easily carried through the interior of your office space – in this way, the customer will remain interested in your products and services as the idea that sparked their interest as they walked past, is found inside the business space too.

It is a popular belief that your potential customers reside within about 10 kilometres of your business, so window signage assists with getting them to notice you.

Window signage might feel like very bold advertising but if it is true that your new customers might be just around the corner then it is imperative you let them know that you are there. By having bold, interesting and clear window signage on your shop or office front you are sure to attract them.

Frosted window decals are a simple yet affective way of creating bold window signage.

Frosted window decals are easily custom-made to your logo, slogan, name and design specifications. They can be created to suit your unique needs and they look very attractive, catching the eye of many people who pass by. The can be installed onto any type of glass and will not cause any damage to the surface.

What’s more, frosted window decals easily last a lifetime and yet they are not permanent, and easily removed if need be.

Many companies rent their office space and they are not allowed to alter the space or they will end up paying a fortune to return it to the state in which they originally leased it. By creating window signage out of vinyl decals, the space will retain a strong and bold message about the company but without causing any permanent change or damage.

Window Art has ample experience in working with companies on branding their corporate environment with frosted vinyl decals, so much so that we wrote an entire ebook on the subject. Please have a look at our Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide for more ideas about branding and signage.

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