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Sweating is just one of the awkward things about going to the gym, there’s also catching someone’s eye while in full beast mode or feeling as if you’re the only person among your yoga peers with a bright-red face. We can’t do much about the rest, but we can cool things down for you.

No one likes to over sweat

According to Arc Window Films, “An important aspect of any gym or health environment is maintaining a comfortable temperature for clients. This can be a challenge with heat from the sun entering through glazing.” This explains why Virgin Active has put their trust in window film. Without it, gym-goers find themselves in an uncomfortable environment. According to the laws of psychology, when someone finds themselves in an unnatural state their immediate reaction is to find a solution, unfortunately their likely solution will be to find another gym altogether.

No need to feel awkward around strangers

Going to gym is your one hour in the morning or afternoon time that you can completely dedicate to yourself. Let’s be honest, we all get our shy moments no matter how confident we are. Perhaps you over-indulged over the weekend and you are worried it’s already showing. The fact of the matter is, you want privacy. You don’t want the weight lifters to see what the yoga people are doing, do you? Window film takes care of that for you.

Yoga is all about creating balance between the body and mind, centered around flexibility and strength to improve one’s overall mental and physical well-being. Just seeing images of nature puts our minds in a trance, we enter a zen-like zone.

The development of the modern world has severed our connection with mother nature that many have to find alternatives. For some it means putting plants in one’s house, running through the park or binge watching National Geographic on repeat. Our nature inspired collection always kicks up a storm here. Having a lovely nature scene as a backdrop while working out is sure to reduce stress, improve one’s mood and help you concentrate on the matter at hand and that’s burning that fat right off.

Heating in the indoor swimming pool is taken care of

It’s especially daunting when an indoor pool gets sun blasted from the north facing windows. Virgin Active has huge windows surrounding their indoor swimming pools and use window film to provide privacy to swimmers. The heated pool doesn’t lose its heat as window film is fully capable of trapping the heat within the swimming pool area.

Window film is a versatile product and is a welcome accessory in any business environment. The great thing about window decals is that no matter your needs in your business, we have it covered. Whether you need window decals for a boardroom, office glass dividers or front and centre where everyone will see it, they are a business partner that will remain by your side. For more information visit Window Art’s website.

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