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Some girls have all the luck. When you walk into their homes it seems as if they have put in hours working on their home design, while you’re ashamed to walk through your front door. We all make mistakes, it’s part of being human. And as Jessica Probus says, we have a lot of “Pinterest fails to live through.”

It happens to the best of us. As you’re walking about a décor shop and come across an item you think will look good in the TV room next to the couch, you give into this desire and bam! You’re stuck with an unwanted item. The key takeaway here is that everything that looks pretty may not look as good in your home as it does in the shop. But don’t worry, everyone’s home interior design is salvageable, with a few tips.

Proportion control

Linda Floyd explains in a Freshome blog that when someone enters a room it should resemble a cityscape with different dimensions. Many fall into the trap of putting everything in the room at the same level, thereby not allowing the viewer’s eyes to wonder.

Over-cluttering a room will make it look stuffy and smaller than it really is. A quick and painless trick to solve this interior design blunder is to hang up works of art. Interior design expert Emily Henderson says homemakers should be careful about the way they hang their artworks, “Art hung the wrong way on a wall is like a character in a movie wearing a really bad wig,” So, if there is ever a time to pay attention to detail, it would be now.

People are also guilty of using incorrect proportion in a room. Don’t you think an oversized sofa coupled with a tiny, petite coffee table looks a tad silly? To get it just right read on for some great tips on proportion.

Obsessive collecting disorder

We all have them – our guilty pleasures. Collections of ornaments that started from innocent and humble beginnings and gradually grew to mammoth proportions. There is nothing wrong with collecting, but everything wrong with the impression it creates for your interior design. If you are struggling to find space to place your keepsakes, it’s time to say no more!

Give your throw pillows a little TLC

When your throw pillows are flat and drooping, it fills the entire room with bad vibes, by making it look messy. Always give your pillows a quick fluff to get them in a better mood, especially if someone is coming over. Turn it into a habit to always do this, the same way you always make your bed in the morning (I hope). You know how making your bed leaves you feeling fresher, it will have the same effect when you fluff those pillows. If your pillows still don’t look 100 % after enthusiastic fluffing, then perhaps they are just worn-out and it’s time to replace them.

Sandblasting blunder

This husband is regretting having sandblasted his sliding door. The weakened glass was no match for a tiny gust of wind. And now he is stuck with having to figure out a way to fix it. At the time he had already put it off for six months. He should have used window decals instead, adding them to any glass window will instantly render it shatterproof.

Curtain blunder

In an effort to protect your privacy you might keep your curtains drawn all the time, making your interiors gloomy. To avoid this blunder, apply window decals to upscale your living quarters while still allowing natural, non-harmful light to brighten your room. Plan out your installation by using our accurate pricing calculator and download our window covering guide for further inspiration. Happy decorating!

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