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You could say the colour grey is on the fence, neither black nor white. It’s an unemotional colour that brings calmness to a chaotic world. It’s a colour of rain-filled clouds, beach rocks, volcanic ash, pavements, concrete and marble counter tops. If you like grey then you are a person that values a balanced existence, not too much attention and are quite comfortable with conforming. Cinderella even takes her name from ‘cinders’ to signify her modesty. Follow this blog to create the same calming effect in your home using the colour grey.

How to use different tones of grey in your interior design

It’s the temperature of grey that you have to keep in mind when painting your walls. There’s a range to choose from: ranging from cool, to muddy, or warm, all depending on the mood you want to create. Different shades of grey evoke different feelings in interior design. Darker will create a more mysterious atmosphere; lighter and will make a room livelier. Grey can conform to the décor around it and is able to flatter other colours elegantly.

According to Decorated Life, “charcoal grey paint is very dramatic and perfect for a dining room.” If you use cooler greys, to avoid making your room too light, accent the room with natural wood and warm metals. Cool greys will do well in the kitchen and will look even better coupled with hints of stainless steel. For a more feminine look, use grey with a lavender undertone.

Since grey is void of personality pair it with other colours and décor elements. The accented colour will be on full display while the grey palette will blend into the background. According to Karen Haller, a colour expert, “given it is virtually absent of colour, it draws no attention to itself. It keeps its distance, remaining separate.” Plascon has over 56 shades of grey to choose from and you can book a colour consultation with their colour experts or visit their showroom.

What if you don’t want paint on your walls?

You could also take your grey with a pinch of salt and paint your room a complimentary colour, like Plascon’s colour of the year Savanna featured in their showroom. Accent with grey sofas and throw pillows, a painting of a rhino, and grey light shade. Sourced from the August issue of Garden and Home, Heather Welham from Portfolio Interiors says “when it comes to fabrics,” you can make use of “French toile, silk and velvet and grey tribal designs and woven textures.” This will give your interiors depth. To keep the grey theme on your walls, “frame pieces in simple charcoal frames, or in high-glass shale and group them together on a white wall.”

Keep in mind how light will reflect off the paint

According to Charlotte Cosby, the creative head at Farrow & Ball, “consider which direction the room faces and whether it has a lot of natural light.” If your room is north-facing, then the grey will appear cooler and if your room is south-facing then the grey will appear warmer. We can help you accent with colour using our grey window film. In addition, our window film will help bring in natural light into your room and will make your interior design visually and thermally comfortable. For more guidance, download our home renovations guide today.

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