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At the most basic level, the point of having windows is to allow natural light to flow into your home while still ensuring that you are safe and secure. Glass lets light through but blocks the wind, rain and most noise and stops animals and burglars from entering.

Of course, in modern décor and home design, windows perform much more than just their basic function. Windows are an important element of any architectural design and can completely change the look, feel and flow of a home. Large windows, glass walls and glass doors connect the indoors with the outdoors, making homes feel more spacious and light-filled. Windows also allow homeowners to enjoy gorgeous views.

Window coverings are a common stumbling block for homeowners looking to redecorate.

Making the right décor choices for your home is important. Not only should each alteration or addition suit your personal style and taste, it should also ensure that your home is as comfortable, safe and functional as possible.

This is especially true when it comes to windows. Homeowners are commonly faced with the problem of finding ways to get privacy from their windows while still enjoying natural light, beautiful views and the feeling of spaciousness that windows bring. Traditional window coverings like curtains and blinds provide privacy when drawn, but also cut off all natural light, block views and negate the space-expanding effect of windows.

The advent of sandblasting on glass offered homeowners and decorators an alternative to curtains and blinds.

Sandblasting on glass is a process whereby an abrasive substance such as silica sand is propelled at great force against the surface of glass. The abrasive action actually erodes away a few millimetres of glass, leaving glass with a rough, opaque texture and appearance. The opacity of sandblasting on glass makes it difficult or impossible to see through the glass while still allowing natural light to filter through. In addition, glass sandblasters are able to etch beautiful designs into glass, thereby creating impressive glass art.

However, sandblasting on glass comes with some serious drawbacks.

One of the most notable drawbacks of sandblasting on glass is that the treatment permanently alters the state of your glass. This means that if you ever decide to change a sandblasted window, you will be forced to replace the entire pane of glass. This is both inconvenient and expensive.

Anther downside of sandblasting on glass is that it weakens your glass. As explained above, sandblasting requires removing the top layer of glass – sometimes up to 2mm of it. This results in the safety hazard of having windows that are easy to smash or accidentally break.

If you are already living in your home, the installation process is another problem. Because sandblasting is a dangerous process that required special machinery, dangerous chemicals and protective gear, it cannot be done on site. Windows need to be removed and transported to a factory where they can be treated, then reinstalled. This means that you’ll have to be without windows for a period of time; another real safety hazard.

Frosted window vinyl has all the benefits of sandblasting on glass, without any of the drawbacks.

If you like the look of sandblasting but don’t like the associated drawbacks, frosted window vinyl could be a better option for your home. For starters, frosted window vinyl has the same classic look of sandblasting but doesn’t permanently alter your glass. This is because frosted window vinyl takes the form of a sheet of adhesive frosted vinyl that is simply stuck onto the surface of your glass. Top quality window vinyl lasts a lifetime – and carries a 10-year warranty – but can be removed at any time without damaging your glass.

Sandblasting weakens glass. Frosted window vinyl, on the other hand, actually strengthens glass and makes it shatterproof.

Installing frosted window vinyl is a painless and simple process. Once you’ve agreed on a design with your supplier’s designers, the vinyl is cut to your requirements and brought to your home. Professionals will then ensure that the surface of your window is clean before expertly applying the vinyl to your glass. No machinery or chemicals are used and the process is noiseless and quick.

Frosted window vinyl provides privacy and a decorative touch without sacrificing natural light. In addition, frosted vinyl protects your family and possessions from the harmful effects of UV rays and makes your home more energy efficient by insulating your windows.

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