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Your window décor has a lot to do with the type of vignette you create in your home. The treatment you choose for your windows can make or break the interior decor in the room. So when looking at window treatments, it is imperative to choose those that enhance the décor you have chosen.

Whether you have decided to switch up style and design in different rooms in your home or whether you have chosen one particular décor style to resonate throughout the space, the right window décor can turn your home into one that hits the high street quality mark.

If your current window décor is putting on a poor show and it’s time for an update, there are a number of factors to take into consideration when choosing new window treatments.

You should seek balance at all times.

Don’t choose fussy window décor if the room already has a busy design style. For instance, if you enjoy a shabby-chic interior design style that incorporates layers of different textures and a mix ‘n match of prints, then balance the room with woven wooden shades, plain blinds or curtains or frosted window vinyl.

Consider the shortcomings of the particular window décor you are investigating for your home.

Modern blinds, curtains and shades can look swanky, but remember that they also have their drawbacks. All three window décor installations are a bit fussy. Blinds and shades tend to have a short lifespan, especially if you have little ones or pets in the home or if you entertain a lot. The pull cords used to open and close blinds and shades break easily and often get tangled. Blinds are also notoriously difficult to keep clean and dust free. Similarly, curtains are difficult to keep clean, often requiring dry-cleaning. They create dust quickly and their quality fades from sun and heat damage. Frosted window vinyl is a hardy, easy-to-clean window décor treatment that – if you choose a high quality supplier like Window Art – will stand the test of time, as it is backed by a 10-year guarantee.

You should also pay attention to the type of windows that you are dealing with.

Often times you will find curtains, blinds or shades that you really like and think would make for beautiful window décor in a particular room in your home, but that would have to be custom-made to fit. Your windows may not all be cut to the average measurements that the shops stock, ultimately costing you an additional expense for a custom-made installation.

Furthermore, the different types of windows – such as bay windows, sliding windows and double-hung windows – each have their own restrictions on what kind of window décor treatment is suitable. For example, blinds or shades that roll up and down are far better suited to sliding windows than curtains. A window décor treatment such as frosted vinyl decals can suit any type of window. They are also a cost-effective installation that can be easily custom-designed and quickly installed.

If you are after window décor that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but will see you keeping up with what’s hot on the high street, then frosted window vinyl really is the way to go. To find out more about frosted vinyl decals for your home, please check out our Window Coverings Guide.

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