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The featured installation shown above is of the entryway to the home of a winemaker. The home is situated on the wine farm and has been remodelled to include its old heritage and original foundations, as well as some modern aesthetics.

These front doors have glass pane inserts so as to allow for natural light to illuminate the entry hall.

The natural light that streams in through the glass panes of these doors lights up the interior entry hall. Even though the panes of glass have frosted window film installed, they still allow for up to 93% of natural light to penetrate. The chandelier as seen above is only ever needed when the owner is receiving guests in the evening. Most often, the winemaker invites his business associates and acquaintances up to the house after a tour of the vineyards and the abundance of natural light means there is no need for artificial lighting during the daytime.

Blinds, decorative sandblasting and window tints were considered as window treatments for these glass panes, but frosted window film proved the better option.

The owner considered fitting blinds. However, they would prove clumsy as these doors are used continually and the foot traffic could cause the blinds to become tatty quickly. Decorative sandblasting would have created an almost identical look and feel to the frosted window film used, but would have been costlier and would have damaged the glass panes by removing up to 2mm off their surface. Tinted film was also considered an option but without the frosting the tint would only provide privacy during daylight hours and once the lights were turned on in the evening the element of privacy would be lost.

Frosted window film proved to be the best choice as privacy would be retained, the glass would not be damaged and they are a cost-effective window treatment.

The owner wanted the option to update the style of his property, so a semi-permanent solution was most attractive.

The frosted window film offered by Window Art is what you could term semi-permanent. They will last a lifetime if necessary and come with a 10-year guarantee. However, they can be easily removed by us should you want a change.

The owner had recently renovated the property but wanted these glass panes to remain open to a style update should he decide to change the interior setting. The other window treatment options would not offer as much flexibility as the frosted window film.

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