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The image above showcases a luxury home situated on a deluxe golf estate. The houses were all built by the same developer and many of them made use of the frosted vinyl decals as decorative glass installations that offer practical benefits too.

This property in particular is owned by a businessman who travels throughout the year. He resides in South Africa for no longer than three months at a time, spending those months at this particular property.

The owner of this property decided to make use of decorative glass vinyl as opposed to blinds or curtains as his window treatments. This is predominantly due to the fact that with the house being vacant for months at a time he needed privacy and protection.

Decorative glass offers both privacy and protection.

Decorative glass of the frosted vinyl nature does well to offer customised privacy and protection. If the owner chose to use blinds or curtains, they would remain closed during the months that the property is vacant. This is indicative to any outsider with criminal intent that there is no one at home and leaves the house vulnerable. Closed blinds and curtains during the day are a telltale sign of vacancy.

With this type of frosted decorative glass, it remains unknown as to whether the property is vacant or not. Furthermore, in the evenings when the lighting timer switches the interior lights on, privacy is maintained as the frosted decorative glass is in no way transparent.

The structure of the house is complemented by the frosted decorative glass.

This home has a mix of Georgian and Tuscan style to it and the frosted vinyl designs complement the structure and the balconies.

The main balcony in the centre creates a shadow over the entryway and the frosted decorative glass allows for the maximising of natural light on the interior of the entryway. Using blinds or curtains in this area would have created a very dark space and possibly created a need for artificial lighting to always be used in the space.

The owner of this property did not want to splash out on décor considering he spends only a small portion of his time at this property.

The frosted vinyl decals used are one of the most affordable options on the market. They are cost effective, easily installed and can be removed and replaced if necessary.

The frosted decorative glass has been a worthwhile choice for the owner of this property. If you are interested in this type of window treatment please contact Window Art directly for a consultation or try out our cost estimator.

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