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The installation we have featured this week was completed to meet the needs of an assisted living retirement home. The residents of the home are all in their latter years and those that may require medical monitoring or assistance with basic functions can be assured that there are amenities available to meet their needs.

The two entryways that are shown in the accompanying image show the patterned glass that adorns the main building. This building houses the reception area and office, the kitchen, frail care facilities, the laundry room and communal areas. One of these doorways leads to a communal lounge and the other to the physical therapy room.

Use of patterned glass as opposed to window coverings has allowed for the people inside the building to still enjoy the sunlight.

The idea of using doors with glass panes was intended to keep the building illuminated with natural light, especially so that the frail care patients could enjoy the sunlight even if bound to remaining indoors. The patterned glass panes have been treated with frosted vinyl decals, which allow for maximum sunlight to illuminate the rooms and protects the patients and staff alike from harsh UV glare.

This patterned glass has been treated with frosted window vinyl for maximum privacy.

The patterned glass seen in the image has been mimicked throughout the building and can be seen on the windows too. The pattern is a very simple design as the idea was to create maximum privacy, out of concern for the patients in particular. A plain frosting would have lacked in any decorative element so the design chosen offers a predominantly frosted surface with a simple design that doesn’t hinder the privacy element at all.

Patterned glass has proved to be the healthier option for the residents at this retirement home.

Having used patterned glass throughout has thwarted the need for curtains or blinds as window coverings and in turn, this makes for a less stuffy, dusty and dark interior. In an environment like this that includes many people being sickly, frosted vinyl decals have assisted with ensuring a clean and fresh living space for all patients.

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