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The glass door in the image above is the entryway to a private home in a Johannesburg suburb. The property is owned by a Capetonian who is seriously missing the beach. Soon after taking up residence in this property, he set about creating an interior style that is inspired by the West Coast in the Cape.

Window Art’s services were called upon to work in consultation with the interior designer as the owner wanted a full overhaul of interior design to meet the beach cottage style that he was after. We worked together with the interior designer and chose window vinyl designs that would meet the style needs of each of the rooms in the home.

The owner wanted to maximise the natural lighting in his home and chose to use window vinyl as his only window treatment.

Optimising the natural light in his home meant that he would use less artificial lighting, especially during the upcoming summer months. The natural light would also enhance the interior beach style. The look and feel of window vinyl is neat and tidy, but most importantly this window treatment is easy to clean and maintain.

The owner had specifically stated in his brief to the interior designer that, wherever possible, he would like green design in his home.

One of the main reasons why Window Art window vinyl was so well suited to this property and homeowner is because it is an eco-friendly installation. Window vinyl allows for 93% of natural light to penetrate the interior of the home, curbing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. It also insulates the home, which will see the owner using less temperature control appliances such as heaters and air conditioners. This results in the homeowner using far less electricity than before.

Window vinyl will also helps prevent mould and mildew build-up as dark and damp corners (previously created by blinds and curtains) will be few and far between, all while protecting the furniture and family members from harmful UV rays.

This homeowner likes to entertain quite frequently, so privacy was a big concern of his.

The owner wanted a predominantly open-plan living space that would allow for the outdoors to influence the interior but that would still remain private. Window vinyl is able to offer him the same amount of privacy that any type of blinds or curtains would offer, but without darkening the room, taking up additional space or requiring cleaning and maintenance. Even once the sun has set and the lights are switched on, the element of privacy remains.

As this homeowner has included his love for the beach in his interior design, he wanted window vinyl that could be custom-designed to his style preference.

As you can see, this client chose our Modern Waves design for his decal on the front door. However, we were also able to create bespoke window vinyl designs that mimicked his existing décor patterns for his interior glass feature pieces.

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