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 In this week’s installation we take a look at how our frosted window vinyl can be used to create a whiteboard in a meeting room. The room itself is situated in a hotel that serves as the venue for many corporate conferences and even expos.

The conferencing facilities of this hotel have a uniform look and feel.

There is a whiteboard (as shown in the image above) in each one of the meeting or conference rooms. On the outside of each of the rooms, frosted vinyl decals name and number the rooms on glass plaques mounted next to each doorway.

Most conference facilities and meeting rooms utilise whiteboards, yet conventional whiteboards don’t last very long.

There are different types of whiteboards commonly found in meeting rooms, conference halls and boardrooms. Regular whiteboards and flip charts that use large pads of paper are not ideal. Regular whiteboards are either melamine or metal (for magnetic purposes) and they tend to ‘ghost’ fairly quickly. In other words, the leftover residue of the marker ink stains the whiteboard, making it look dirty. It also affects the visibility and clarity of the new writing or diagrams on the board. These types of whiteboards have to be replaced quite often.

Flip charts that use large pads of paper are not very environmentally conscious. With the business world making a huge effort to go paperless and become environmentally responsible, a conference facility using copious amounts of paper could be frowned upon.

With these obstacles in mind, glass whiteboards created with window frosting are an excellent choice.

We created these glass whiteboards quite simply. Window frosting is applied to the side of the glass pane that is facing the wall. This makes the glass appear white while still leaving the writing side of the glass bare. The window frosting won’t require any maintenance and the glass is easily cleaned in the same way you might clean a regular whiteboard.

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