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The elephant decal displayed in the image above is an installation we completed for a tour operator who specialises in offering the ‘big five experience’. The tour packages explore many different countries in Africa, but the aim of each is to give everyone on the tour the experience of witnessing the environments of the big five.

These vinyl window signage decals were designed to make for an interesting space for the employees and staff alike – the animal outlines underpin the main objective of this operation.

This particular decal is one of many that we installed in this office space and the other decals include outlines of lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino. The client wanted to brand their office space in a way that left no doubt about what their objective is. She was not sold on the idea of using window signage of their logo or name throughout the office space as the employees are in uniform and all their stationary is branded with their corporate identity. The idea of using the big five animals would be more pleasing to the staff and more interesting to the variety of clientele they see through their doors.

The frosted window signage was used to ensure that maximum privacy was secured for all concerned – staff and clientele alike.

Each operator in this office has a designated workspace that is cordoned off with glass. This is to provide privacy for their clients, as costings and budgets are discussed and monies change hands – all of which is more comfortable to sort out in a private space. The owner wanted each individual office to be entirely frosted apart from the animal decals so as to ensure privacy and allow a quiet space for her operators to consult and close the sale.

The elephant design has been installed on the owner’s office door and for an interesting reason.

It goes without saying that the owner and her staff have the utmost respect for animals, but she has a particular appreciation elephants. Interestingly, elephants live in a matriarchal society and so it was only fitting to use the elephant window signage on her office door as this tour operator office could also be considered to be performing in a matriarchal society. This is an excellent example of how corporate window signage can be used in an office space to create an environment that reflects the work that is done.

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