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It’s a time for flip flops, smells of suntan lotion and tropical, cold beverages. The world seems to come alive and moods are lifted, as the summer rings in longer days perfect for spending more time outdoors. But the summer months, of which South Africa experiences in abundance, are also accompanied by the sun’s harmful rays. While we all like to bask in the warm light, it does have serious consequences for both your health and your home. 

Here’s how you can protect your home and keep cool with window film this summer: 

Keep the interior of your house cool and get rid of dark curtains and blinds 

There’s nothing worse than spending hours gallivanting outside in the warm sun only to enter a sweat-inducing home. As great as it is the have natural light stream in, it does bring a fair amount of heat into your home. That said, you don’t want to use heavy curtains or dark blinds to block out the sun completely. Replace them with window film that allows you to enjoy all of the summer’s natural light while still keeping the interior cool. Window film is a great insulator of both hot and cool air in a home – making it an ideal window treatment throughout all seasons. 

Cut down on your electricity costs and be more eco-friendly with window decals 

Along with keeping your home cool, window film also filters out 95% of harmful UV rays – protecting your furniture and the skin of your precious loved ones. This means there’s no need to switch on the fans or pesky air-conditioner to regulate the temperature. Not only are you cutting down on your electricity bill, but also saving the environment from harmful air conditioner gas emissions. 

Enjoy spending some more time indoors

It’s great to spend most of your time outdoors during the summer months, but if you live in a summer rain region, you’ll be forced to seek shelter from a few thunderstorms. Luckily, window film maintains your privacy (without blind or curtains) as it remains completely opaque when it rains. And what about lazing on the couch after a long day of splashing around in the pool? Not only will window film keep the living room nice and cool, but also reduces any irritating glare so you can enjoy some Come Dine with Me or reading a book on your tablet.

Bring your windows to live with fun window decals 

Summer is a great time for renovations or just sprucing up the décor in your home. If you’re planning on replacing your old curtains or blinds with window vinyl, why not have fun with it? Get the family involved and create some beautiful designs for each living area. Let the kids choose design window vinyl patterns for their bedrooms, and let the decals in your other living areas reflect your interior décor style. 

The Window Art team is ready to help you enjoy the summer sun with affordable, eco-friendly and creative window film. Browse through our Window Frosting Inspiration catalogue for some design ideas.

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