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What words would you associate with winter? Chill, icy, bitter, rain, frozen? Understandable if that’s where your mind wonders considering the blustery winds and frosty weather we have been greeted with as winter has set in. However, we dare you to dull your negative viewpoint and consider these words for winter: toasty, spiced, ginger, berries, snuggle, fire, pine and crackling. Instead of the negative associations winter brings, Window Art sees the season as opportunity to be positive and creative with our designs and installations.

We are in the business of beautifying homes, come rain or shine – so here is what we know about home makeover ideas that can keep you warm and snug through the bitter winter months:

Now is the time to get colourful.

Winter tends to be dark and stark, so this is the most opportune season in which to let your home pop with colour to create some warmth. A boldly printed throw or group of scatter cushions or even a couple of berry coloured ottomans can infuse the space with cosiness. Winter is the time to pull out all the throws, cushions and blankets you have and use them as décor and accessories. Brightly coloured pieces will last through spring time too, when there is still a slight chill in the air.

Consider attention to your kitchen – it can tend to look a little sterile against the dark winter backdrop.

Attempt to make your kitchen pop a little. You can do this by removing your blinds or curtains and using frosted vinyl as a treatment across the windows and your glass cabinets. Furthermore, exposing the windows and using glass cabinets makes the kitchen feel more spacious. You might look to include down lights on the inside of the cupboards as this will create an incandescent hue that shines through the frosted vinyl decals.

Cool reflections will illuminate your home.

Home makeover ideas always include the use of mirrors because they reflect the space. If they are appropriately placed they create the illusion of a more expansive space than reality – they also reflect light and illuminate the immediate area. Exposing your windows and glass doors by removing blinds and curtains and using frosting as your preferred window treatment, will maximise natural light in your home. By using mirrors to reflect this light you will find you will reduce the use of your artificial lighting and therefore reduce your electricity bill.

Snug seating and warm feet will bring a smile to everyone’s face.

If you enjoy hosting a dinner party or casual soiree then this home makeover idea is for you. There is nothing better than breaking bread with your loved ones over a glass of gluwein with your knees swaddled in a thick blanket. Also, place a thick rug underneath the dining room table for added warmth and comfort, a gorgeous flokati rug would suit just fine and add some texture to the room.

To find some more inspirational home makeover ideas that can turn your home into your own winter wonderland, have a browse through our Home Renovations Guide.

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