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The 1950s were the age of the housewife. After the war there was a boom of consumerism and the homes of many went under a mass overhaul. Open-plan living became popular and housewives around the globe were boasting revamped, fitted kitchens and brand new appliances. The designs of the 1950s home were very much influenced by new technologies, progress in science and space exploration. The home was filled with innovative technologies. While the style fell away after a while, it has enjoyed a recent resurgence.

Here are some inspired kitchen design ideas that we stole from the 1950s era:

The colours of 1950s kitchen design ideas are very specific.

There are three specific colour schemes included in this era of kitchen design, namely pastels, modern and Scandinavian. The pastel colour pallet includes pinks, turquoise, mint green, yellow and duck egg blue. The modern colour pallet offered a clean and fresh approach that includes sunshine yellow, electric blue, orange, red, black and white. The Scandinavian colours are more natural and set to look sophisticated, offering up mixes of brown, creams, grey and green.

Fitted kitchens for convenience and streamlined style.

One popular 1950s kitchen design idea was that of the fitted kitchen. Matching streamlined cabinets that wrapped around fitted appliances created a formal and uniform kitchen space. This allowed for maximum storage and the materials used were often either metal, Formica or wood. The entire kitchen would be fitted with the same material and a defined colour scheme.

Kitchen design ideas of the 50s call for furniture that has a diner-type style.

Kitchen design ideas of the 50s dictate chrome and vinyl chairs in Day-Glo colours. Formica table tops are entirely appropriate and giant fridges and other chrome appliances finish the look. Other items include basketweave chairs in colours to match the rest of the kitchen or ‘Butterfly’ chairs, which are a canvas sling on a metal frame.

Go all-out with accessories to complement your 1950s kitchen design ideas.

Fill your kitchen with kitsch accessories and paraphernalia such as mixed and matched crockery sets with a linked theme or colour. Tupperware came into fashion during this era so using Tupperware containers is not far from accurate. Decorate the space with porcelain ornaments in the colour scheme – the more kitsch the better. A plump of ducks flying across the wall is appropriate in this theme and the odd nodding bobble-head dog or ice buckets in the shape of a pineapple or something as odd is completely acceptable.

Window treatments that will suit your 1950s kitchen design ideas.

Cosy shutters and indoor blinds were all the rage in the 1950s. These created privacy and a warm interior. When curtains were used they were often in a floral print and paired with sheer curtains. If you wish to create a 1950s inspired kitchen and you have windows that require a treatment then we suggest you look to frosted vinyl decals. Curtains and blinds in the kitchen can be quite tricky to clean and keep fresh because of the cooking activities, potential humidity in the air due to temperature changes when cooking and the possibility of mould and mildew forming. Frosted window vinyl decals are a ‘no-mess, no-fuss’ installation that is most suitably to the kitchen. They offer customised privacy and can be created in a design to suit your kitchen design ideas.

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