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If you want to know more about the interior design world, people suggest soaking up as much information as you can. You can do this by getting your hands on any form of interior design literature from magazines, décor blogs or events. Learning more about the art of interior design becomes easier when you draw inspiration from the already famous and successful design doyeens.

Today each of us has an abundance of resources and opportunities to experience the products and works of the best interior designers the world has to offer, all we have to do is pick our favourites and decide what wisdom we want to take from their teachings.

Monsieur Philippe Starck

A french designer known for his wide range of skill sets from interior design and architecture to product design. His style was unorthodox in the beginning of his career, many accusing his work of being overly designed, but in recent years he has taken up a mantle of honesty and integrity. Starck believed that interior design shouldn’t be about buying a piece simply because it’s in vogue ‘now’ and then throwing it away to make room for the next best thing. What he’s trying to say here is don’t just follow trends blindly, think of the grander scheme of things and connect with what’s in now to develop your own style story.

An interior designer who loves his clients to bits

A designer who admits he gets his inspiration from his clients is Mark Cravotta, who strongly believes while creating a desirable home you should reflect the personalities of the people who live there. “I want their home to be a place they love being in and escaping to. It should embrace a sense of history and a sense of adventure so that it becomes part of their biography and tells the world who they are.” When he’s completed a project he hopes that the spaces he\’s created are warm and inviting and above all, he wants people to have a sense of curiosity and a need to linger in a room.

The best interior designers dynamic duo Aoife Rhattigana and Garry Cohn from Design Doctors

Design Doctors is a design TV show treating viewers to exclusive interior décor know-how, tips and tricks. They advise everyone not to over clutter their homes and rather pay close attention on a focal point in each room, for instance your beautiful coffee table could be the focal point in your living room. Don’t have more than one focal point, because then your eye doesn’t know what to focus on when scanning the room, do this by getting rid of things you don’t need. It’s a bit silly of people to still have deep TV stands meant for an outdated ‘tube’ and have a flat screen tv stand near-by, it’s a waste of space – get rid of it!

Sometimes the best interior designers come in small packages

Samuel Botero came from humble beginnings, having been from Columbia then moving to America as a child, he didn’t know much about this ravious industry he would eventually find himself in. People advised him to have a handle or a recognisable style to his work, of course he didn’t listen. He could never fixate on one particular design style, Sam is a free spirit. When putting his works next to each other, there are no recognisable similarities. Perhaps the most important take-out point Sam could offer is not to listen to others when designing your own home, and go with what feels natural. “I used to go to my mom’s friend’s home and I would just move all the furniture around.” He says. It seems like ‘moving the furniture around’ is a pre-warning that you are going to inevitably become an interior designer.

A Netherlands interior designer with South African roots

Pippa Kroner, an interior designer who recently moved to the Netherlands from South Africa has trailed her African style with her. She’s inspired by earth, sand and clay contrasts, has a deep love of antiques, the colour coral and circles. She uses round mirrors in her own home, especially golden-yellow ones as she says it reminds her of the sun and the circle of life. It seems her style is all over the place, but her advice is to ground your home by mixing antique with a modern style. “Sometimes it’s good to detonate, to break the atmosphere by adding something black and white,” she says, “It excites, but is classical at the same time.”

Here at Window Art we are interior fanatics and love taking cue-card advice from the best interior designers of the world, bearing in mind our mission to provide families with creative home solutions. Our vinyl decals suit any home and are a great addition to the aesthetics of your home. Still not sure? Run by our vinyl decals home renovation guide to get a feel for what we have to offer.

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