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No matter how hip or Google-like your office environment is, the truth is that people like to have their own space – especially when they are trying to focus on the job at hand. Partitions and office cubicles have for decades been the go-to space separators in the corporate environment. But this is no one-size-fits all solution if we’re to keep everyone in our workforce happy and productive. There will always be someone that loathes the idea of a black divider between them and the rest of the staff. The solution to this is finding a happy medium; dividing work spaces while avoiding that caged-in feeling that old-fashioned partitions evoke.

Out with the old and in with the new – glass office cubicles are all the rage.

More corporates are looking for ways to make the office a more collaborative environment and are doing away with traditional corporate garnishes. Glass is a timeless and energy efficient material that doesn’t only belong in a window frame. Replace traditional partitions with glass office cubicles to increase the flow of natural light, open up the space and give staff a greater feeling of freedom. Treat the glass cubicles and partitions with window decals to see to privacy needs and create a unique working environment.

Have fun with your glass office cubicles and window vinyl.

Window decals are not only a means of creating a private space for each employee, but can also be used to bring some fun into the workspace. Adorn the partitions with unique designs to up the creative energy in the office. Glass office cubicles also have a practical purpose. Get rid of pin board and let employees use the glass that’s not covered with window decals to make notes or to-do lists. 

Bring your glass office cubicles alive with coloured window decals. 

There’s nothing duller (and productivity-sapping) than the usual black, beige and grey office furnishings. Glass office cubicles are a great canvas to bring colour into the workspace. The theory of colour psychology comes into play here; it has been proven that certain colours promote certain actions and feelings. Increase the energy in the office by opting for red, known to encourage a sense of urgency. Blue, which is widely considered to be a calming colour, also promotes creative thinking and aids the intellectual thought process.

Create a Zen corner for those who want to share in the creativity waves.

No matter what your office layout is and whether you make use of partitions and cubicles or not, there are bound to be employees that require a quiet space to perform optimally. Energy is quite contagious. Think of someone yawning – another person is bound to follow. The same goes for being in the zone; the productive energy spreads from one person to another. Use glass partitions to section off a space from the rest of the office where people can feed off each other’s productive energy.  Decorate the glass with vinyl glass frosting that features flowing patterns and even calming or inspirational quotes.

The Window Art team is always looking for new and innovative ways of bringing the office environment to life. We are standing by to help you create the most unique and productivity boosting designs for your employees. For more information on how window decals can be used in the corporate environment, download our free guide to Office Design and Corporate Branding Design.

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