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The Decorex Cape Town exhibition, 29 April – 2 May 2016, is back once again to show off décor excellence to the Mother City and if its Durban exhibition is anything to go by, it’ll be another event not to be missed. They usually say don’t get on the bandwagon, but let’s make this an exception to the rule. Get the gang together and share a memorable day, making it a family outing, shopping extravaganza and home renovation hub. Still not convinced? Then let us persuade you…

A quick overview

With this year’s theme being, ‘Take it Home, Make it Home’ enthusiastic homeowners can get excited over the Decorex Cape Town exhibition bringing great take-home products and internationally accredited design trends to keep in mind when planning to facelift your home. Although they are trend-focused, themes identified at the Decorex Cape Town will showcase ‘livable design’ and they encourage you to look beyond your four walls and create a space that is versatile.

Bear witness to what real African décor looks like

Gone are the days of being subjected to incorporating African décor as seen fit by overseas designers – what do they know about African style anyway? With the first Decorex exhibition in Durban giving as a sneak peek, Cape Town can expect to see African traditional and contemporary style being redesigned in the brand-new Trend Pods. Leveraging a designated place to show-off African style imagined by Africans. According to Sian Gutstadt, Portfolio Director of Decorex, the aim of the Trend pods installations is to, “draw on the organic glamour of Africa, but reinterpret it to display both an edgy now-ness of form and an ancient handling of materials.”

100% Design will bring 100% class to Decorex Cape Town

As 100% Design South Africa runs in collaboration with Decorex Cape Town, they will set the stage with their 100% textiles showcase and no doubt bring an army of eager fabric enthusiasts. The showcase consists of four components, such as Picture Africa that will boast a beautiful clash between the art of photography and textiles, where you’ll see a mashup of South African studio photography with a backdrop of vibrant textiles that simply jump off the canvas.

Decorex ups their game

It’s no secret that Decorex Cape Town has bagged a few awards thanks to its unique exhibition, taking décor to a whole other level by bringing together the best icons and all things décor that South Africa has to offer. If this this were the Oscars, they’d get every award under the décor category. Their bold approach to exhibiting has brought about an even more infinite pool of décor ideas to source from with the new DIY theatre. Here you can learn more tricks of the trade and how pull off what you’ve learned in your own home from their interactive and insightful talks.

Window Art would never miss this exhibition for the world

As you can probably tell from our admiration for Decorex, we’ll definitely be there to catch all the décor action, it’s almost as if Window Art and Decorex have our own collaboration going for us. Keep us in mind when heading down to the event and we’ll show you how give your windows a facelift.

At only R85 for adults, R75 for pensioners and students and R20 for children under twelve, they’re practically letting you walk right in at these low ticket prices. We look forward to seeing you there! Until then keep stopping by for more blog updates for Decorex Cape Town 2016.

Image Credit: http://www.sahomeowner.co.za/

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