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Modern décor 101: how to use colour psychology in the workplace [infographic]

Imagine a world without colour.

Without pinks and oranges, we’d never notice the sunset. Without yellows, purples or reds, a field of spring flowers could just as well be a piece of barren land. Without blue, green, brown or hazel, we probably wouldn’t consider the eyes windows to the soul.

Colour is powerful. It can transform something boring and bland into something beautiful and unique. Colours aren’t just pretty, however. They are also said to affect our moods, our thoughts and our ability to work efficiently.

Colour psychology is the study of how colours affect human behaviour.

Colour psychology is used all the time. In fact, you’ve probably implemented colour psychology without even knowing it. Decisions around which colours to use in company logos or website design are often based on colour psychology. The idea that web visitors are more likely to click on a bright orange button is an example of colour psychology in action.

Colour psychology is commonly used in modern décor to create rooms that nurture certain feelings or moods.

It’s true that in some cases the same colour can have different effects on different people. However, the study of colour psychology has identified key emotions and moods that are most commonly associated with certain colours. Modern décor takes advantage of this by choosing to use colours that tend to evoke the best mood for each particular room in homes, restaurants and public spaces.

Colour psychology informs modern décor in the workplace.

This infographic,created by Envirotech Office Systems and L Dunkley Communications, outlines the basic principles behind how modern décor uses colour psychology to supercharge the workplace.

Use red in areas where people need to be motivated.

Bright shades like bold reds and strong oranges can have an energising effect on employees. Red has been shown to heighten employees’ sense of urgency, making it a good colour to use if your industry commonly requires meeting tight deadlines or getting things done on short notice. Red also stimulates the appetite, making it a popular choice in the restaurant industry.

Blue encourages intellectual thinking and creativity.

Blue is one of the most popular colours for both home and office modern décor. This is because besides encouraging creativity and productivity, blue is considered to be a calming colour. Blue is especially great for use in conference rooms or collaborative spaces.

Remember that a window is a smart way to introduce more blue into your office colour scheme. This is especially true in South Africa, where sunny, blue skies are common throughout the year.

Don’t use too much yellow in the workplace.

People have been shown to have strong emotional responses to yellow. Depending on the individual, yellow can encourage a sense of wellbeing or induce anxiety. To avoid risking the latter, it is wise to use yellow in moderation when planning your office colour scheme.

Green is a versatile colour that can be used in various shades throughout the workplace.

Modern décor styles have embraced the versatility of green and it has become a popular colour in office décor. Thought to encourage feelings of relaxation, tranquillity and rejuvenation, green is commonly associated with nature and health. The infographic advises using light shades of green in areas of the office reserved for restfulness and quiet. Green can also be used in reception areas or general workspaces where a sense of calm is valued.

An abundance of natural light enhances any colour.

Colours look their best in natural light. To get the most out of the colours you’ve chosen for your office décor, choose window coverings that promote the flow of natural light. Frosted window vinyl diffuses harsh sunlight and eliminates glare while still letting in 93% of natural light. This makes it an excellent choice for office window coverings. In addition, vinyl frosting’s neutral colour means that it won’t clash with your décor scheme or restrict your colour options.

The Psychology of Colour in the Workplace infographic


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