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These days, glass is everywhere. From windows, to windshields, to iPhone screens, to laboratory equipment; glass has become so ubiquitous that we tend to take it for granted. Of course, glass wasn’t always around. Before the invention of modern glass, the world looked very different to how it does today.

This article , written by the researchers behind the popular TV show QI, provides some interesting insights into the invention of modern glass:

We have the wine-loving Romans to thank for the invention of transparent glass.

It’s no secret that the Romans loved their wine, but just how much they revered it might surprise you. According to the QI team, transparent glass was first invented by the Romans so that they could better admire the colour of their wine as they drank it. Luckily, the uses of modern glass have progressed far beyond gazing lovingly at wine.

Without modern glass, human knowledge wouldn’t have progressed to where it is now.

The invention of modern glass played a vital role in the advancement of human knowledge in many ways. For example, the invention of spectacles at the end of the 13th century enabled great thinkers, scholars and academics to continue reading and writing long after their eyesight began to fail later in life.

Similarly, modern glass led to the invention of microscopes, telescopes and other groundbreaking scientific equipment. Items such as these were – and still are – essential to human advancements in science, knowledge and medicine.

The proliferation of modern glass resulted in massive improvements in everyday hygiene.

Once glass became inexpensive enough for the average person to afford, windows became commonplace. Before, the need to protect ourselves from the elements meant that windows and doors had to be very small, if they were present at all. With the advent of glass window panes, however, people could suddenly enjoy the benefits of big windows without exposing themselves to the elements.

Windows allowed homes to be brightly lit, which meant that people could properly clean their homes for the first time, as dirt and vermin became visible. This ability to keep homes clean and hygienic contributed significantly to the eradication of many diseases.

Today, architectural glass is a key building material used in homes and offices.

Advances in technology have meant that modern glass is now much stronger than ever before. In fact, it’s now possible – and fashionable – to construct entire buildings out of just glass and steel.

Architectural glass remains a popular building material for the same reason that people in the 17th century valued it: because it promotes natural light indoors. Of course, one drawback of architectural glass is that it doesn’t offer any privacy to those living or working inside. Luckily, advances in technology have found a way to get around this problem, too.

Applying frosted window vinyl to architectural glass affords a greater level of privacy without blocking out precious natural light.

Frosted window vinyl doesn’t just increase the privacy level of glass; it also makes it shatterproof and therefore stronger and safer. What’s more, frosted window vinyl decals can transform glass surfaces into creative works of art. Download our free Window Frosting Inspirations guide  for examples of creative window art using frosted vinyl decals.

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