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Making the effort to go green in your home used to be seen as a massive undertaking. However, recent trends have seen most homeowners adopt, at least some, eco-friendly initiatives in their homes.

When you go green in your home you do so with a specific outcome in mind. Creating an environmentally friendly abode has many pay-offs and the two most noteworthy gains from going green is that you save money and you create a healthy and clean indoor space.

Modern homeowners go green by creating a healthy indoor environment.

They do so by making use of furnishings and fittings that are sustainably sourced and in support of eco-friendly initiatives. They choose installations that don’t have an off-gassing finish and that don’t make use of formaldehyde. To go green, you need a proper air filtration system in your home too – this works hand-in-hand with insulating the glass in the home. Both will lessen the use of artificial temperature control devices. You can insulate any type of glass by treating it with frosted window film as it has incredible insulating properties.

Including more of the outdoors inside is also a way to go green in the home. Blurring the lines between the exterior and interior results in the optimal use of natural lighting from the sun. What’s more, including plants indoors will result in a cleaner air quality in the home. This can be achieved by exposing your windows and glass doors – for privacy purposes you can make use of frosted window film. This type of window treatment will attend to your privacy needs while still allowing for 93% of the natural sunlight to stream in and illuminate your interior. Also, if you have a particularly beautiful garden or view you can enjoy it thoroughly by making use of frosted window film.

Homeowners have found it’s becoming easier and easier to go green and so they have begun to indulge.

Every single appliance now has a green counterpart. Energy efficiency is top of mind and appliances have been rated in terms of their energy-saving abilities. Modern homeowners are purchasing appliances that will directly save them on energy and water and investing in furnishings and fittings that underpin an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Technology has also developed in a way that helps homeowners to go green. Thermostats, air conditioners, lighting, automated door locks and security systems can all be operated via a mobile application. In this way, if you left the lights on or heated up a room that is not being used you can immediately switch it all off remotely from your phone or tablet.

The idea to go green in the home is an ever-evolving one and with the new technology available we should see the majority of homeowners creating homes that prioritise creating an eco-friendly space, above all else.

Window Art offers frosted window film that supports the movement to go green – so much so that we created a guide on how to Green Building your Home. You can download this guide here and if you wish to find out more about how window film can be used in your home please contact us directly to assess your needs.

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