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There’s a certain influence that the Spring season has on our wellbeing. It’s goodbye drab and dry, and hello vibrant and fresh! And while many are seeing to Spring cleaning and a colourful new wardrobe, why not take the time to breathe a little cheer into your office environment too. Because let’s face it, the office space can be a bit drab. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time nor the budget to pull off a Google-esque looking space. But fear not! Colourful and tasteful vinyl decals give you the creative (and affordable) freedom to bring more fun into the office space. Here are some great office ideas to shake off the winter blues:

You don’t have to say goodbye to your professional space to bring in more fun

While colour can be a great way to elevate the mood and inspire employees, it needs to be approached carefully if you want to maintain your corporate brand image. You don’t want your office to reflect a circus or melted box of crayons. By using your brand colours to create vinyl decals in unique designs that are pulled through the entire office space, you bring together art and functionality. Use the decals to communicate your brand message, or inspirational quotes that uplift both employees and visitors to the space.

Bring in more colour to achieve the right look and feel

As mentioned above, choose carefully when incorporating colour in the work space. When designing your vinyl decals, try to stick to two or three complimenting colours that serve a purpose; either the colours reflect your brand or contribute to positive emotions. Certain colours evoke certain feelings which is why a good office idea is to look into the field of colour psychology. This article by Forbes goes into more detail about why colour is a necessity in the workplace and how to use it correctly. While there is such a thing as too much colour, don’t be afraid to get creative and perhaps get in the help of a corporate colourist to make your space pop while still maintaining a sophisticated office environment.

Encourage creativity and productivity

Gone are the days of grey and black workspaces. The modern office is a place that should cater to its inhabitants and therefore reflect their ambitions and drive them towards their goals. To achieve this, we yet again turn to colour psychology. Entrepreneur has created a useful infographic to help guide you towards the colours best suited for the emotion you want to elicit in your office.

You can further break this down by department and decorate each space according to the task fulfilled by the interior. For instance, if you have a creative team you’d want to bring in some yellow to promote optimism. Red is a good pick to motivate employees that have to see to more laborious tasks.

Vinyl decals improve office wellbeing by allowing in natural light and keeping things cool

Artificial light is responsible for a lot of negative feelings (and high power bills) in the work space. It causes strain on the eyes and doesn’t provide the same benefits to wellbeing as natural light does. So let the natural light stream in by getting rid of curtains and blinds and replacing them with vinyl decals. They allow for natural light to stream in while blocking out 95% of harmful UV rays which means employees get their daily dose of vitamin D without any damage to your office space. Decals also offer great insulation of both heat and cold, reducing the need for aircons and heaters (and minimise any fights about the right temperature).

Vinyl decals are some of the most versatile office ideas to take your workspace from drab to fab this Spring. They’re easy to install, can be designed to your specific design and colour needs and are a non-permanent window treatment so you can change them according to your corporate needs.

For more unique office ideas and to find out more about creating the most productive and attractive workspaces download our Corporate Guide.

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