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If you’re a parent you’ll know the frustration of having toys scattered everywhere in your home all too well. You’ll know the pain a stray Lego can cause your bare foot. This client had this in mind when deciding to create a playroom for her son. Having a designated play area meant she could teach her toddler to clean up his toys and put them in the playroom, which she could then close off.

 The image above is of the sliding doors that open up from the lounge into the playroom. 

The client wanted to create a playroom where her son could enjoy himself and his toys, and at the end of the day be able to shut the door and make the mess he created ‘disappear’.

 The frosting has maintained the style and finesse of the lounge area by blocking out the chaos of the playroom. 

By using glass sliding doors, light would still be able to stream through the two areas – whereas if wooden doors were used, the light would be dimmed and the area darkened. The concern was that if the glass remained untreated and transparent, the playroom would be exposed for all to see. In an effort to keep the style and décor of the lounge area sophisticated and neat, this client chose to frost the glass.

 The only way to successfully frost the glass in the sliding doors was to treat it with frosted vinyl window decals. 

Originally, the only way to create frosted glass was through decorative sandblasting. That is no longer the case. Nowadays, you can use frosted window decals. Decorative sandblasting removes up to 2mm off the surface of the glass, which means that it weakens the glass. In the case of glass sliding doors, decorative sandblasting would not be a viable option. Frosted window decals are a viable option for any type of glass, though, as they last a lifetime and cause no damage to the glass itself. What’s more, if you decide it’s time for a style update you can have the window decals removed and replaced quite easily.

 The frosted window decals on these sliding doors have been a quick and cost-effective fix to a problem that will last for another 15 years – when her son eventually leaves home. 

Frosted window decals such as these are cost-effective, easily maintained and have a lifetime guarantee. The playroom is bound to eventually turn into a TV and games room as this client’s son gets older, and yet the window decals won’t need to be replaced and won’t become tatty or worn.

If you would like to consider window decals for your home then please contact Window Art directly or have a browse through our catalogue to source some inspiration and see more of our previous installations.

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