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Décor magazines, websites and Pinterest are all great go-to sources of inspiration for the avid homemaker – overflowing with modern and chic designs. While it’s all good and well to take an idea straight from the source and apply it in your home, why not let your creative side loose and personalise your design? Glass is one of the materials that enables you to create a space that not only communicates your own interests, but also shows that you’re paving your own design way.

Here’s how you can use glass frosting to personalise your home design: 

Let your windows wow as part of your unique décor design. 

You can spend hours shopping around for the perfect scatter cushions and accessories to showcase the latest design trends spotted on your favourite website, but how is this really an extension of your personal style? Even though we are not all gifted with a great eye for patterns and colour schemes, there is a simple way to incorporate your unique style into your home décor – glass. Every modern home has one or more areas that make use of large glass windows to enhance lighting, open up the space or simply to enjoy a beautifully landscaped garden. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to decorate your windows in a unique and personal way.

Personalise the glass frosting in your home to suit your unique taste.  

Everyone has their own unique interests and aspirations, and these are usually the first port of call when it comes to sourcing inspiration for your glass frosting designs. Love books? Use glass frosting on your window to display a quote from one of your favourite authors. If your family is one that likes spending more time outdoors than inside the home, you can easily showcase your love of nature by custom-designing beautiful patterns inspired by the great outdoors. The list of design ideas for glass frosting designs are endless and give you the ability to convert your window into a bespoke décor item. 

Frosted glass designs doesn’t have to break the bank or endanger your home. 

Sandblasting has long been the favoured treatment to get that frosted glass look. However, the treatment requires that the glass be removed from your home and the designs applied to the glass off-site. This is a time consuming process, leaving your home vulnerable to opportunistic criminals and the elements. What’s more, sandblasting weakens the glass by removing 2mm of material off the surface. Window frosting is a safer, more cost-effective and convenient treatment to help you display your personalised designs. The vinyl is applied on site within a few hours and strengthens the glass. The frosted part of the glass also remains opaque regardless of the time of day or if it rains. 

Window Art offers a wide range of glass frosting designs to suit your unique décor needs. Our vinyl products are robust and come with a 10 year guarantee. Give us a call and we can help you custom-design your glass frosting, or browse through some of our existing designs by downloading our free Window Covering Guide.

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