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Pinterest, home to décor and DIY enthusiasts the world over. This social media platform is a virtual bulletin board where you can stack up on inspirational articles, ideas, tips and tricks and know-how so you will never have to fumble around searching for ways and means to save that awesome website. You can pin whatever takes your fancy from Pinterest décor, interior design, DIY, recipes, photography and architecture, making Pinterest a must-have resource for any homeowner.

There are literally thousands of boards to view on Pinterest which can be quite daunting, especially if you are not sure about what you’re looking for. In this blog we’ll make all of that a little easier for you.

Quick lesson on how to grow your following

The greatest tip when using Pinterest is to pin images that are spectacular. Great images will grab your attention so if you want people to take you seriously in the interior design industry, you need to show off your slick images.

Just like Twitter, try to keep your pins consistent, bursts of pins appearing on your followers account are irritating enough for them to click the unfollow button. A great way to ensure you won’t be tempted to put too much out there is to download the browser button that will appear on your computer and is there for you whenever you spot something interesting, like a décor blog illustrating how to decorate your home like a pro, you can pin an image straight from their blog. Remember, when you come across a great interior design blog, follow them for great Pinterest décor to illuminate and uplift your life and your home.

Accounts to follow that live and breathe Pinterest décor

  • Cara Fazio’s Pinterest account, ‘It’s not a house, it is a home’ delights her followers with beautifully decorated living rooms, tiny houses and kitchens. Showing off she clearly has a soft spot for indoor plants as most of the images on her boards feature a little green here and there.

  • Habitually Chic’ offers everything you’ll ever need to make your life a chic as possible and not only for your home. This account has delegated boards for styling using specific colors, how to arrange your dinner table, how to style your office and how to get the chic fashion look. This is a board not to be looked over, especially with such catchy board names like ‘It’s raining men…’, ‘Make mine a double…’ and ‘Gallery walls gone wild’.

  • Follow Elle Decoration SA to keep up to date with the latest interior design trends. They even have a dedicated board featuring their latest issue that is, as they put it, “Bursting with inspiration on how to revamp and rethink your home”.

  • Home Designing’s philosophy is what Pinterest is all about, providing beautiful imagery that will help homeowners visualise what they want to achieve. Therefore, this board is jam-packed with all sorts of designs to help you plan your dream home.

  • Renata Iwaszko’s Pinterest account is a great place to learn things like how to hang a picture straight every time, how to arrange your pillows and how to make your small space livable and feel a whole lot bigger. You know all those little things we may miss, that could take a home from being great to being immaculate.

  • A favourite of Pinterest themselves, featured in their pin picks collection, is RIP Chevron. Take a look and see why. 

Searching for even more pinterest décor inspiration?

Well look no further because we have what you’ve been searching for on how to decorate your windows right here. We all go on Pinterest to find something unique, beautiful and still practical. Our vinyl decals are your key to standing out in your neighbourhood, while still blending in to keep any unwanted attention from outside looking in.

Pin our vinyl decals home renovations guide on your project planner today (and by “pin” we mean download).

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