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We all know that person, the one making a whole lot of noise, but essentially not saying anything of value. The one who thinks Nairobi is in South Africa, Africa is a nation all on its own and we all ride zebras to school. The one who leaves you thinking: “Did you really just say that?” But, of course, there are many folk who speak before verifying the truth behind a statement. Don’t be that fool when it comes to Window Art, get your facts straight. Here are some common misconceptions.

Adding window vinyl makes your room too dark

If this were true they would ban tinting car windows, even with dark tinted windows you can still receive light into the car. What Window Art essentially does is block out the harmful glare that enters your room, it does not block out the sun and definitely does not deprive your room of natural light. Closed curtains are more likely to block out the sun.

Window film permanently alters your window

People are reluctant to add window film because they fear they will be stuck with it forever, this is not the case so don’t let this stop you. Sandblasting on the other hand, does permanently alter your window, meaning you will be stuck with it for the lifetime of your glass. Any alternatives to sandblasting will be a better option not only for your environmental well-being, but because you can make changes easily.

Window film doesn’t last long

Many people may think that film is flimsy and will need to be maintained or changed every few years. Rest assured we offer a 10-year guarantee on your purchased window film, that should undoubtedly last you a lifetime. Not only does Window Art last long, it’s also durable and strengthens your windows, providing reliable security for your home.

Window film loses its colour over time

This one sounds almost legit – almost. It’s fair to think that overtime and as a result of the sun’s ferocious rays that the film may alter, change colour, start to fray or bubble under pressure. But window film is like Superman, it’s resilient, tough and easy to clean. You’ll have to wash them less after a rainstorm than normal windows without film.

You can only get Window Art in a simple sheet of paper

We have a variety of patterns and designs to choose from and a designer on call to try illustrate patterns, themes or motifs that you want on your windows. Get rid of this misconception about having a one-dimensional, boring and genetic film catalogue to choose from. Using alternatives to sandblasting such as window film is a great way to hide imperfections in your window, but at the same time attractively decorating your windows. I hope you are now well informed about the truth behind the false rumours.

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