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Due to urbanisation and a growing population, houses are being built much closer together and plots are far smaller than in previous years. There is a marked difference between the size of a residential plot from thirty years ago and the size of a residential plot nowadays. Cluster housing is at an all-time high and new developments are filled with duplexes, townhouses and attached living spaces.

The lack of space and the change in housing options has increased our need for privacy and found many an interior designer looking for new ways to create a private but stylish home. Many conventional privacy solutions for the home, such as curtains and various styles of blinds, are an excellent way to block out prying eyes. However, they tend to block out the sunlight and close in the space too.

Architects are using glass to open up the smaller spaces in new homes.

Due to the changes in home architecture design, glass has become a feature material in most homes. This is because the use of glass will allow for natural lighting, which in turn will illuminate the space and make it appear larger. Many architects are including floor to ceiling windows, large bay windows and sliding doors in their new developments. This will maximise natural lighting in even the smallest of homes.

If you find yourself living in very close proximity to your neighbours you might feel that you are sharing your space and that your privacy is endangered. The expansive glass windows may leave you with a feeling of vulnerability and inevitably you will look to protect your family and yourself by covering up the windows. This will keep things private but there are alternative options available that are less constricting.

By using privacy glass you can keep the glass in your home uncovered without exposing you and your family.

The glass features included in the structure of the home should not be covered by the likes of blinds and curtains as this becomes counter-productive. Blinds and curtains have become a staple feature in many interiors. However, in smaller living spaces glass features should be exposed to achieve the desired effect. Of course, this is when your privacy needs must be addressed and the alternative solution to blinds and curtains is privacy glass.

Privacy glass may be in the form of tinted glass, stained glass or frosted glass. Frosted glass gives the glass an opaque look and it offers the maximum privacy – it can be achieved through decorative sandblasting or through using frosted vinyl decals.

Frosted vinyl decals will not damage the glass in any way, as occurs with decorative sandblasting. Frosted vinyl is also a less permanent solution as the decals can be replaced easily by a professional should you wish to update your style.

The frosted vinyl decals will offer complete privacy throughout the day and even maintain optimum privacy at night when the lights are on. The decals are most often designed to match your interior style and taste.

Privacy glass will afford you the opportunity to have the home you desire without your privacy being a concern.

If you have always desired a sunny reading nook situated at a large bay window, you can now have this without concerning yourself with custom-made, expensive blinds or curtains. Using privacy glass such as frosted window vinyl will attend to your privacy needs without shutting out the warm sunshine. You can even have a little nap without worrying about being spied by a nosy neighbour.

Similarly, if you wanted to install an outdoor shower – for a quick rinse off after a dip in the pool or a cool down on hot summer night – privacy glass will protect you and ensure you are out of sight of any nosy parkers.

Privacy glass is an excellent option for the best protection and security.

Privacy glass such as frosted window vinyl decals can be used on any of the glass features in the home. It won’t damage the glass and is affordable. To have a look at the design options available please visit our design gallery and contact us with any of your questions or to assess your needs.

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