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Q & A: We chat to DDL Design and Decor Lab about their interior design ideas

We caught up with DDL Design and Decor Lab to get a feel for what an interior design company gets up to as they come up with exciting tips and interior design ideas for homemakers. DDL specialise in creating luxurious rooms for residential and corporate clients. Their full interior design, décor and manufacturing services provides a one stop shop for homemakers looking for advice to make their homes fabulous.

Q: What is DDL Design and Décor Lab’sdesign style?


A: DDL Design & Décor Lab believes that it is important to be flexible and as such creates a mixture of design styles. DDL Design & Décor lab does not stick to one design style but is able to create looks that encompass all design styles – a good interior should reflect that of the client and not the designer. We do create rooms that envision opulence and luxury and create spaces that not only works well in form but function too.

Q: Can you tell us about a particularly exciting or challenging project DDL Design and Décor lab have faced before?


A: DDL finds all aspects of interior design exciting. One client does come to mind recently. The brief was to create a man cave for a Johannesburg businessman. This area was to be his sanctuary. DDL Design & Décor Lab was given carte blanche on the design and we came up with a masculine and contemporary room for him to relax in. The finished results were spectacular with all new wallpaper, soft furnishings and custom furniture being installed. The client was ecstatic about the finished project and has even said “the space has become his space”.

Q: When decorating a client’s room what one item would you spend the most money on?


A: This is always at the mercy of the client and based on room we are required to decorate. I would have to say though in a bedroom I would focus on items like soft finishes and wallpaper that will transform your room. In a lounge larger pieces would be more of a priority like the lounge suit and cabinetry.

Q: What’s next for your business/brand?


A: DDL Design & Décor Lab’s goals are to expand into the SADC areas. (Exporting our custom furniture). We are also looking to grow the DDL Brand in South Africa with new showrooms and open the market to more opulence and grandeur whether the space be small or large.

Q: Which interior designers or brands in this industry inspire you?


A: Brands and designers like Fendi Home, Georgio Armani Casa, SAOTA, Avi Osadon, Guido Decoussemaeller are all a great inspiration to DDL.

Q: What industry tips would you give to homeowners who are about to start a home renovation project?


A: We always advise clients who are about to take on a new home renovation that they are making an investment and should focus on quality over quantity. They should take it slow and enjoy the process of innovating and creating their own space.

Q: What interior design ideas or principles does your brand value?


A: DDL believes that its most important design principle is “form follows function”. Put another way, the design of something should support its purpose. For example, take a minute and observe the environment you’re sitting in (the room, building, vehicle, etc.) as well as the objects in it (the computer, phone, chair, books, coffee mug, and so on). Notice how everything serves a particular purpose. The purpose of a chair is to support a sitting human being, which is why it’s designed the way it is. Great design means that something is structured in such a way that it allows it to serve its purpose very well. All of its parts are of the right type and placed exactly where they should be for their intended purpose.

Q: What are your clients most complained about aspect of their home space and how do you go about improving that space?


A: Many clients start a design or decorating project without a plan in place. This often leads to ideas that have not been executed correctly or a mismatch of design styles that don’t work.We often will sort, plan and ensure that the client has a clear plan and items that have been bought will be used in a creative and innovative way or moved to another part of the home where it can work.

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