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Q&A: Office interior design ideas using glass

We love keeping abreast of all the latest office interior design ideas and trends. The popularity of architectural glass continues to grow, and more and more office workers are discovering the pleasures and benefits of a workspace that embraces big windows, glass walls and doors and decorative glass features.

We get a lot of questions from our clients about office interior design ideas involving glass, and it’s something we love talking about. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked, along with our answers.

When it comes to modern office interior design ideas, why is glass such a popular feature?

Glass is a popular material for many reasons. The most obvious benefit of glass is its modern appearance; glass features – from walls, to doors, to windows, to table tops – lend workspaces a clean, uncluttered, chic look.

Another benefit of having glass walls instead of solid walls in offices is that it creates a feeling of connectedness and fluidity throughout the office. This encourages collaboration and teamwork, as opposed to making employees feel as though they are shut off from their colleagues in separate offices.

In addition, glass walls and big windows are great for filling offices with natural light. Natural light is a wonderful mood enhancer; there’s nothing worse than being stuck in a dark, gloomy office all day when it’s sunny outside.

How can glass be used for offices and meeting rooms that need to be private?

Because glass walls are transparent, they don’t offer much privacy. This can be a problem for meeting rooms where sensitive information might need to be displayed on a whiteboard or for offices in the financial or HR departments where documents detailing personal information such as staff salaries might be left lying around.

However, the need for privacy and discretion needn’t rule out glass walls, glass doors or windows. Varying levels of privacy can be achieved by applying frosted window vinyl to glass surfaces. Fortunately, while frosted window vinyl increases privacy, it doesn’t block out natural light.

As an added bonus, the frosted glass effect achieved by frosted window vinyl is incredibly stylish and gives glass surfaces a professional finish.

Many of the latest design trends have a big focus on protecting the environment. How eco-friendly is it to use glass in interior office design?

One of the downfalls of architectural glass is that large glass walls often result in offices becoming very hot in summer and very cold in winter. The resultant need for air conditioning and temperature control is a notorious energy waster.

The energy-sapping nature of glass can be prevented, however, by applying frosted window vinyl to your glass surfaces. Because vinyl film slows the transfer of heat through windows and glass walls, offices are kept cooler in summer and warmer in winter, thereby saving energy and making your glass features more eco-friendly.

Big windows result in a lot of glare on computer screens, which makes it difficult to work. Are there any innovative office interior design ideas that can help us get around this problem?

Office interior designs that feature a lot of glass often result in too much glare on computer screens. There are few things more annoying – not to mention painful – than having to squint at your computer screen through blinding glare.

Luckily, it’s possible to combat glare without sacrificing your big windows and glass walls. Applying frosted window vinyl to glass surfaces eliminates glare without blocking out all of the natural light.

We’re a design agency and we need our office decor to be artistic and funky – how can we achieve that with glass?

Glass doesn’t have to be plain. Frosted window vinyl decals allow you to transform glass surfaces into works of art. Because the frosted glass look is naturally classy and elegant, frosted window vinyl is a great way to decorate any office.

Play around with designs that mimic your company branding and logo, or simply come up with a design that resonates with your company’s personality and ethos. Frosted glass art is a highly creative, modern alternative to traditional office décor.

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