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Renovating? Here’s how to spruce up your wooden windows.

Home renovations are an ideal opportunity to spruce up elements of your décor that you aren’t planning on completely replacing. Wooden windows in particular are often in need of a little TLC.

More affordable than their aluminum counterparts, wooden windows typically give rooms a warmer feel and add natural texture. Wooden windows are susceptible to the elements, however, and do require some upkeep in order to stay in top condition.

When doing this year’s renovations, follow our advice on giving your wooden windows some care and attention:

1. Give them a lick of paint.

Wooden windows need to be varnished or painted with a protective coating. Without this, they’ll fade in the sun or rot – causing them to swell, weaken or break – not to mention look shabby.

Take the opportunity to give your wooden windows a really thorough going-over with a paint brush. You can just stick to a clear varnish and enhance the wood’s natural look or opt to coat your wooden windows with colour.  If you do opt for a lick of colour, a neat, smooth finish is usually best. The distressed look can work on some homes, but be careful not to end up with a scruffy effect.

2. Restore or replace the fittings.

Wooden windows commonly have brass fittings. Over time, brass fittings tend to tarnish and get that unattractive green ‘mouldy’ look. One option is to remove all tarnished brass fittings to clean and polish them before treating them with a brass sealer to guard against further tarnishing.

Alternatively, if the fittings on your wooden windows are beyond saving, head to the hardware store to buy a new set. One upside of replacing your wooden window fittings entirely is that you can shop around for a design that’s really going to complement your newly renovated home.

3. Install frosted window vinyl.

Dressing your windows with frosted vinyl film will give your wooden windows a complete makeover. We love the double-textured effect of combining frosted vinyl and wooden window frames.

If you want to do away with dusty blinds and cumbersome curtains, frosted window vinyl is a great option as it affords you the privacy you need and blocks out the sun’s harsh glare while still allowing natural light into your home. Because installing frosted window vinyl means you no longer need curtains or blinds, vinyl decals also allow you to show off your newly-manicured wooden window frames and immaculate fittings.

Happy renovating!

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