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I don’t know about you, but I spend a good portion of my time out at restaurants admiring the décor. And don’t you always try to sneak a look into the kitchen to see what it looks like in there? Not just to make sure that your food is properly prepared, but to feast your eyes on the design. Let’s dive deeper into the world of restaurant kitchens so that you have an abundance of kitchen design ideas to take home at the end of your meal.

Take your kitchen through the subway

Picture a restaurant kitchen with white grouted subway tiles decorating the walls. This design goes well in a kitchen that incorporates metal or wood surfaces. According to Houzz, you can “Give simple subway tiles a fresh treatment by alternating horizontal rows of black and white tile.” Tiles are popular in restaurant kitchens because they are easy to clean, so take advantage of this in your own kitchen.

Embrace open shelving

In a restaurant kitchen, they aren’t afraid to let all kitchen utensils show because chefs need their tools easily accessible. Open shelving is a great way to help you keep your kitchen stock in check, because you can easily spot the things you need. It will help you keep your kitchen in order by surviving on the bare minimum.

Stay true to the outside in trend and add some green to your shelves. Kitchens are known for keeping their own personal stock of fresh herbs and produce. Do the same in your kitchen by having a tiny herb garden in a wooden box, beautifully displayed. Top the look off with copper brass pendants. Combine it all and this is what you’ll get:

Chalkboard finish

A trend we encountered at the Homemakers expo was the use of chalkboards in the kitchen. You can incorporate this aspect into your kitchen quite easily in a number of ways. You could use a chalkboard wall, which could double as entertainment for your little ones, add a chalkboard within your cabinet design or hang a chalkboard on the wall. You can have some great fun with this one, draw to your hearts content, add inspirational quotes or notes to loved ones, write down your grocery list or the list of ingredients for a recipe.

Kitchen design ideas we couldn’t ignore

A quaint toast house in Yorkshire uses fairy lights around their kitchen’s open shelving. This will work perfectly in a kitchen that embraces industrial interior design.They also use vintage tin containers attached to a wall as bread bins and encourage others to it at home.

Hang your fine china on the wall

It’s not unusual to see plates hanging about a wall in restaurants. Follow suit by proudly displaying your fine china, this way you’ll show them off nicely and keep them safe from possible breakage. Take a look here for great plate decorating ideas and read on to learn how to pull it off effortlessly.

Restaurant kitchens are also known for their use of vinyl decals to keep the kitchen seperate from the restaurant or to illustrate on a swinging door that it’s for ‘staff only.’

But nothing is stopping you from adding vinyl decals to your kitchen. Get in contact with us today to help transform your kitchen or download our window coverings guide to see a few kitchen design ideas for yourself and stay tuned for more kitchen design ideas in our upcoming blogs.

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