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In recent times, the average office space is open-plan. It no longer offers already demarcated workstations, communal areas or individual offices. Current office design is more focused on providing a sizeable area and the only spaces that are cordoned off are the bathrooms, kitchen and most often a large boardroom.

This allows for you to use the space in a manner to suit the needs and culture of your company.

Room dividers are an excellent option to create the work spaces you need.

If you wish to create demarcated spaces for either various departments or individuals, you have the option of refurbishing the space with office cubicles or using room dividers. We recently had a look at office cubicles, so we thought to also consider how one would incorporate room dividers into the office space.

Room dividers can create mobile meeting rooms.

Room dividers are most often mobile structures, used to create temporary meeting areas that offer a bit of privacy and isolation. In an open-plan office environment the use of room dividers offers the same benefits as office cubicles, but only temporarily.

If, for instance, you need to meet with your group of interns in order to offer them some training on an aspect of the business, then you can pull two room dividers across to any meeting area, place them at a right angle and in turn, place yourself in front of them. This will create a focal point for the group, indicate to others that this meeting is separate and allow for a bit of segregation from the rest of the office activities.

Think creatively when incorporating room dividers in your office.

Room dividers are often rather decorative, as they can become accent pieces in the interior décor of the office. You could choose a coloured divider, to suit your brand’s colour scheme or to add a pop of colour for interest in a minimalist office design.

Many times the panels are made from felt-covered cork and this could then be used as a large pin board. A room divider used in such a manner can encourage brainstorming and collaboration amongst the staff as they can pin their ideas or designs. Following the advent of vision boards to map out your life’s goals and the online social media tool, Pinterest, this may be the ideal way to spark genius in your creative thinkers in the office.

Glass room dividers can be stylish and functional in your workplace.

Making use of glass room dividers has two stylish and practical benefits.

Firstly, this is the ideal opportunity to invest in some corporate branding. You can create custom-designed glass panels with frosted vinyl decals that include your logo and your company name. As the dividers are mobile and most often used to create quick meeting spaces, your company’s corporate branding will be present at all staff chinwags and client meetings without you even trying.

Secondly, glass room dividers can replace your whiteboards in the office. Whiteboards eventually need to be replaced as they tend to ghost (the left-over ink that remains from the last use) and become discoloured over time. The glass panels of the room dividers can be treated with frosted vinyl decals on one side and on the other side it can be used as a whiteboard. The light will shine through the frosting, which will make for an illuminated whiteboard. This simple idea can look really swanky and hi-tech.

Incorporating room dividers into your office space is ideal if:

  • You want to use the space efficiently.
  • You want to create a meeting space in a large area.
  • You want to offer some privacy in a collaborative and sometimes chaotic working space.
  • You want a predominantly open-plan office environment with the option for quick personalised meetings.
  • You want to add some character to an otherwise vast floor plan.

To frost your glass room dividers with your company branding or simply a beautiful design, or to create your own glass whiteboard, please contact Window Art directly so we can assess your design needs.

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