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It’s tempting to want to stick to the cliché of having fours walls for every room. According to Houzz, one might worry that having an open-planned living space will overwhelm the d and “the scale of the room will swallow up the furniture.” Or you may want to create the look and feel of a separate room, without compromising on light and space. Done right, room dividers will add definition to rooms while still keeping them connected. Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes, from metal panels, glass mirrors to wooden bookshelves, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to size shape and material.

Divide your room using old salvaged windows

You could completely separate your room, but at the same time allow your eyes to take a view of the other room. Using a grid of windows allows light to bounce around the room and hit all the right places. And, if you are not comfortable with room dividers that completely separate two rooms, you can a keep a slipway open. Using salvaged windows will open up both rooms making it appear light and airy. Be sure to consult a professional before attempting to do this at home.

Bring the outside in

You could use tall branches, bamboo or house plants, spaced evenly across a room as a room divider. This sets rooms apart without making it seem too cluttered. Choose plants that do not need direct sunlight. Not all plants grow tall, enough to make good room dividers. Use shelves to hold everything together and to help you organise your pot plants the way you want them. According to Houzz, the best plants to use indoors are, “Kentia palm (Howea Forsteriana), sentry palm (Howea Belmoreana), lady palm (Rhapis Excelsa) and parlor palm (Chamaedorea Elegans).” Or ask someone the next time you’re out and about at the plant nursery.

Bookshelves anyone?

Large, open-shelving bookshelves make great room dividers, because they will let light through and bring colour to any space. To create a great décor effect, arrange your bookshelf,matching the colours of your books will really make it stand out. You could create low storage by separating your living room and kitchen with a low bookshelf. This concept is the perfect compromise, you can grab a magazine and have a seat on your couch, or grab a recipe book and head to the kitchen. If you have guests over, you can still look at them from the kitchen as they sit on the couch, because your low-level bookshelf will not get in the way.

Glass doors as a room divider

Sliding glass doors offer homemakers a great opportunity to divide rooms, while giving off the illusion that there is nothing actually dividing the room. Although it is an elegant design, it could also be a safety hazard. And walking straight into a glass pane will not be pleasant for you or your guests. Prevent this situation by decorating your sliding doors with vinyl decals to help them stand out, making them safer while not taking away their minimalist appeal.

Remember you can also separate the inside and the outside by getting vinyl decals to decoratively dress your windows and give you a little more privacy. Take a look through our home renovations guide and pricing calculator. Let us show you how to elegantly cover your windows.

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