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Sandblasting designs tickle your fancy? Consider frosted vinyl

Decorative sandblasting is most likely to inspire images of understated, old Victorian elegance in your mind’s eye. Sandblasting designs have often followed a classic theme, but if you wanted something more unique, you might feel that the sandblasting designs available will not meet your style palette. Decorative sandblasting is also a costly affair which means that having the sandblasting design custom-made to suit your style could result in an additional expense on top of an already costly installation.

If you enjoy the frosted look and feel, but would like a modern take on regular sandblasted designs, you could consider frosted window vinyl.

Frosted window vinyl designs are almost identical to sandblasting designs. They are both completely opaque and one would not be able to tell the difference just looking at the two types of window treatment. The difference lies in the installation process, cost and design elements.

Frosted vinyl is easily custom-made into any type of design you might want. For instance, many businesses use frosted vinyl for branding on their glass and the vinyl is made into their logo, slogan and name. The same can be done in your home. If you have a particular flower, animal, font or scene you would like depicted on the glass in your home or in a particular room, you can easily have this created for you. In this way you have a bespoke design element in your home which has the sophistication of decorative sandblasting.

To have sandblasting designs in your home requires patience, willpower and a desire to window clean all the time.

If you choose to sandblast the glass in your home you should expect to have the panes of glass removed and treated off-site but this creates a security risk. Furthermore, the removal, treatment and re-installation of the glass will take time which means prolonged discomfort. Plus, once you have sandblasted windows you need to be aware of keeping them clean as the sandblasting creates tiny grooves in which dust, dirt and grime can collect.

Frosted vinyl is the safest bet if you enjoy the sandblasting design style.

Sandblasting damages your glass in that the abrasive blasting removes up to 2mm off the surface of the pane. This makes the glass weaker which means it can shatter more easily making it a safety hazard. It also limits you to the type of glass installations that can undergo a sandblasting design treatment – for instance, sliding doors cannot withstand sandblasting. Frosted vinyl, on the other hand, won’t damage the glass at all and in fact makes it shatterproof – it can also be used on any of the glass in your home.

If you are after a quick, tasteful and unique frosted design element in your home that emulates sandblasting designs, but without the many challenges,  then take a squizz through our gallery of designs here

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