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Would you like to save the world? 

Chances are, your answer will always be yes. Are you finding it difficult to maintain a green lifestyle? I assume that you have found various challenges along the way that have left you uninspired – one of those challenges possibly being that it can be a costly affair to fly the green superhero cape. Many organic or energy-saving products come with hefty price tags by comparison to their traditional counterparts. This is often a deterrent to the most compassionate green superheroes amongst us.

Window decals are energy efficient products that assist you on your quest to save the world.

Here is how you can save the world with window decals:

Maximise natural light and save energy.

Window decals allow you to maximise the natural light in your home or office environment. The decals are applied directly onto your panes of glass, and while they are frosted and opaque, they still allow 93% of sunlight to stream through and illuminate your interior. This thwarts the need for artificial lighting, which, in turn, saves energy. In an office environment, where the lights are almost always switched on, energy savings will be enormous.

Protect your interior against harmful UV rays.

Window decals also offer protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV rays are incredibly harmful to both people and to your home or office furniture. Window decals filter out 95% of those harmful UV rays, which means that you can safely bask in the glow of the afternoon sun streaming through the windows, without worrying about your couches, curtains, carpets and the like fading or becoming brittle. The lifespan of your furniture is extended, which means that you won’t have to replace it too often. You are using less of the Earth’s resources, whether it be materials or energy, and you are releasing fewer toxins into the atmosphere.

Insulate your property without using temperature control appliances.

There are a number of ways in which you could insulate your property that immediately mitigate the need for electricity to heat or cool your interior. Window decals can boast insulating properties too, as they slow the release of heat during winter and prevent the sun’s intensity from creeping inside during hot summer days.

Save money and use those savings to make your property even greener.

Window treatments are generally an expensive furnishing in both homes and offices. Having to custom-design curtains or blinds to fit, choosing the most appropriate materials and needing a long-lasting installation all costs money. By choosing window decals, you can quickly and affordably have an installation completed in a bespoke design of your choice. Because window decals are so cost-effective you can spend your money in other ways, like including more eco-friendly elements in your home or office.

Have a look at our Guide to Green Building your Home – it is packed with eco-friendly ideas that you can use to help in your pursuit to save the planet.

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