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You may be thinking that setting up a home studio is a huge project that could take months of planning and research to carry out. If you’ve been putting off a home studio project because you’re worried it could take you away from more important work, allow us to handle all the nitty-gritty for you in this blog. So let’s get started on creating a professional home studio dedicated to getting a ton of work done.

If you have limited space in your home, you will have to improvise. Even a small space can be utilised well, if you know how to organise it. And the best aspect of a home studio, is that you get to decorate your own little world the way you want to. To overcome limited space, incorporate just the right accessories. Everything you place in your home studio must serve a purpose. According to Anna Bond the creative director for Rifle Paper Co., “every good workstation needs four things: great lighting, a comfortable task chair, art, and inspiration.”

Where to place your desk

Whether you are in the office or at home, placing your back to the door is a big no-no. This layout makes you seem unwelcoming and you will most likely, be scared out of your wits every time someone walks in behind you. The best option is to have your desk perpendicular to the door, if this isn’t possible, then face the entrance directly. With reference to office feng shui, the command position “located diagonally across from the entry to your room,” is ideal because it gives you the best visual control of the room.

How to decorate your space

This is the best opportunity to let your personality shine. Think about what you love and incorporate it on your desk, for instance, if you love to travel, you can print out a high resolution image of a place you love, place it in a frame and then hang it on the wall. Pinterest is chock-a-block full of home desk inspiration. However, according to Fast Company, use Pinterest sparingly as too much environmental stimulation can be its own form of distraction.

If your home studio is an extension of another room, decorate it to match the style of the room. Pick a theme and stick to it. If you keep your choices similar, you won’t have to worry about the overall aesthetic of your home studio.

Maximise your storage space

The best way to save on space is to build up on your walls. Hang up shelves for your important files, they can also be used to display décor; or you could mix the two, a few ornaments amongst a stack of books, for instance. The biggest problem you will face when working from home is that you may find paper scattered everywhere. If you need to see your paperwork to remember that it exists, you can utilise wall storage, or file racks that can be placed on your desk. Use the left to right workflow system by placing a file rack on the far right and left of your desk, the one on the right will represent work to be done, and the one on the left work that has been done. This will keep the middle of your desk clear.

Don’t put yourself in a dark corner

When space is limited, you will often find that people will place their home studio right up against a wall, surrounded by obstacles that will block the natural light of the room. Put your desk next to a window, it’ll be much better than staring at a blank wall. A nice window view gives you a reason to look up from your desk from time-to-time.

If you easily get distracted by the outside or if you need extra privacy, our frosted vinyl will come in handy. Our film will let in 93% of natural light and block out 95% of harsh sunlight, therefore you can carry on with work in a natural and comfortable setting. For more information, take a look at our corporate infographic.

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