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Has your bedroom lost its sparkle? Have no fear, the bedroom fairy is here . . . or just a blogger behind a desk on a hunt for the best bedroom ideas the world over . . .

First stopover – New York, New York

Black and yellow are the colors to use, perhaps because it has a tie-in with a yellow NYC taxi, these colors mix well giving the room a dynamic, vibe feeling, packed with all the energy of the Big Apple. Add a city wallpaper backdrop and yellow light bulbs to give it that extra glow.

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Kon’nichiwa Japan

For fresh bedroom ideas take a leaf from Japanese style by including plenty of plants in your bedroom – it makes the air circulate. Use bamboo wallpaper or frosted window film to decorate the room, put up frames that look like ancient scrolls and last, but not least, use lots of wood – in the form of book shelves or draws.

Scandinavian simplicity

The Scandinavian style is synonymous with elegant simplicity and when it comes down to bedroom ideas everything is kept to the bare minimum. Think whites and blonde wood tones. The beauty of having your room completely white is the feeling of floating on a fluffy cloud. This bedroom idea is best suited to a contemporary style, but if you want to go artsy, add a colorful  frame or duvet cover.

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Greece – If you love white and blue, this one’s for you

Greeks are famous for their  homes with traditional blue roofs and white walls. Bringing this style to the bedroom will instantly make you think of the ocean – which will work well if you live near the sea. The reason for the color scheme is not only to look beautiful, it’s also practical. It gets very hot in Greece and not only do the white walls cool everyone down it helps to reflects off the buildings so that incoming ships can easily spot the shore line.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of Italy? That’s easy, pasta, galato, the trevi fountain . . . I could go on all day, but what does an italian bedroom look like? Well it could go one of two ways, slick, minimalist and sophisticated or varying degrees of over the top: think mirrors, fluffy carpets and creamy colors, Hmm . . . add a picture of Leonardo da Vinci in an prestige frame for good measure.

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Make your bedroom fit for a Moroccan king

Use vibrant patterns and warm colors in the form of scatter cushions, patterned wall or floor tiles or rugs to style your room with a Moroccan touch. Be sure to use warm lighting and candles to soften your room and add dramatic effect.

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Wait that bedroom idea comes from where?

I recently read an interesting article in the November issue of Psychologies about decorating your room the same way your child or teen would. Remember the days when your walls were filled with photos and movie posters and as we turned into adults we tore those suckers down. Put pictures of pop culture, your favorite movie, photos of places you’ve been or inspirational images of where you see your life going. Sometimes you don’t need to look far to find inspiration.

The most innovative bedroom ideas come from a place not everyone thinks about, your windows – say no to curtains and style up your windows using frosted window film inspired from across the globe.

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