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Current kitchen design ideas are supporting the idea of the kitchen being an inclusive area in the home. Furthermore, the sterile and clinical look is outdated but followed up by some stellar kitchen design ideas.

Here are six kitchen design ideas that we think are truly inspired:

1.    Look to create a comfy hub

A purely functional food preparation area makes for a sterile look and feel in the kitchen. Rather create a space where your family or your guests can enjoy themselves. Including furniture elements that are not naturally used in a kitchen can create a personal, warm and welcoming environment. For instance, include barstools that are made from chunky wood that are covered with plush, cushioned seats.

 2.      Create an open and airy feeling

An open-plan kitchen can allow for a more sociable and relaxed environment. By doing away with walls, you allow your kitchen to flow into the rest of your house. Leaving your shelves exposed and removing your cabinet doors will give the kitchen a ‘lived-in’ feel as your cutlery and crockery automatically become décor elements.

3.    Use interesting decorative elements to complement your kitchen design ideas

Using elements like window vinyl or wallpaper, which is usually found in the lounge, dining room or the like can add an interesting element to your kitchen. A unifying theme that spans across walls, windows and glass panes can be a great accompaniment to the architectural elements of the kitchen. Modern kitchen design ideas call for visual impact.

4.    Include interesting metallics

Silver, chrome and stainless steel are found in just about every kitchen. A new wave of metallic – namely gold, copper and bronze – is making a big comeback, and for good reason too. These metallic are a stunning accent that suit almost any colour palette; they are warm hues that inspire an inviting atmosphere and they look simply splendid.

5.    Black is the new black in contemporary kitchen design

Black used as a base tone for your kitchen can look extremely dynamic. It remains a classic sophisticated colour that can be paired with any other colour you choose in your kitchen design ideas. In terms of colour psychology, black inspires feelings of mystery and protection.

6.    Art Deco and Art Nouveau are infiltrating future kitchen design ideas

Fashion-forward kitchen designs see kitchens following the Art Deco and Art Nouveau trends. These design motifs are often coupled with many different influences, especially Turkish and other rich Middle Eastern cultures. These influences add a touch of lavishness to the space.

There are some kitchen design ideas that seem to remain popular no matter how styles and times change. For example, creating a green home is still very much top of mind for the average homeowner and interior designer, alike. Furthermore, the classic Shaker-inspired kitchens remain a constant favourite too. This traditional design style offers a mix of textures and interesting aesthetics paired with the extensive use of wood. It makes for a timeless look and feel.

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