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Small businesses frantically try to get their hands on that marketing secret sauce that everyone else seems to be cashing in on, but they need to realise it doesn’t take rocket science or a lot of money to sell your products. All it takes is drive, determination and commitment to do a few small things that will have a huge impact on your small business marketing initiatives.

First and foremost, get to know your target audience

It’s pretty pointless if you want to market to your potential clients if you don’t know who they are. Gone are the days of sending out generic messages to the general public.The internet has helped spark sub-communities where people of niche interests can get together, overcoming time and space, whereas before the advent of the internet they had to meet in person. You need to find these communities relevant to your industry and talk directly to them. Brands today are trend chasers, but this means that everyone is doing exactly the same thing, ultimately leaving your followers irritated and end up ignoring it all. By targeting your messages your business can gain a unique perspective and break free from the clutter. Use this guide to better understand your target audience.

Pay attention to your customer reviews

Customer reviews allows potential buyers the opportunity of connecting with your product or service in an online world. Customer reviews are so powerful that a customer may choose another brand as opposed to yours based on them. Consumers want and expect to see reviews when they are within the buyer’s journey. Every small business is not safe from a bad review no matter how well they run their business, people are going to have their bad days. What matters is that you respond to it. Customers will be more lenient with you if they see you making a genuine effort to make things right.

Use social media to your advantage

Social media is great and all, but it just doesn’t work for me – any small business might say, but it’s probably because you aren’t segmenting your audience properly. You do that by following the right audience and sharing relevant industry related content on social media.

Here are two scenarios that might be impacting your social media engagement: the first is that you have a whole lot of followers, but they aren’t adequately engaging with you; the other side of the spectrum is that you have too few followers. By sharing relevant content, all those not interested in your small business will lose interest and unfollow you. On the other hand, sharing relevant content will help you gain more valuable followers. A great marketing tip by , is to leave a laptop handy in your waiting room and leave your social media platforms open so that your guests can engage while they wait.

Start a blog

Again you might be thinking – I don’t have the time to write a blog. And you’d be right. Writing a blog takes a lot of commitment, but the rewards can be well worth the hard work. Blogging and sharing your blogs on social media helps draw traffic to your website and that much closer to seeing all of the value your product or service has to offer. To get a little technical on you, blogging allows you to index numerous amounts of pages, which are just more opportunities for your business to show up on search engines.

Attend local events and seminars

Always look for any excuse to meet new people, who knows that chit chat could lead to you landing a new customer. Other than that, you could meet new people in your industry, find out what others are up to and make new relationships that could strengthen your business.

Why not let vinyl art market for you as well and let it be like your business card while you’re away in front of your store? Let’s say a potential client came across your store while you were gone for fifteen minutes, but they saw your vinyl art and soon learned about your trading hours and the fact that you have social media presence, they may then go auto your social media accounts and see the marketing material you’ve posted. Download our corporate guide to better understand what we can offer your business.

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