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Every year, Homemakers Expo makes a real effort to bring you the latest and greatest in all things design. Time and time again, this Expo has succeeded in delighting participants and visitors alike. This year, Homemakers Expo celebrates 22 years of exhibiting and will once again uncover the latest trends in home décor, interior design and lifestyle.

350 home décor and lifestyle exhibitors are ready and willing to assist you with your every need or question.

Last week we wrote about the feature areas of this year’s exhibition, and with such an exciting line up this really is a must for any homeowner. You don’t have to be a renovation or design fundi to enjoy the variety offered up by the 350 market leading exhibitors on show. Each exhibitor displays their complete range of products and they are more than willing to answer all your questions or grapple through the design ideas you might have. With such a vast array of products and services at your fingertips there is no stone left unturned when it comes to home décor and design.

In fact, through our experience at this expo, we would bet that there is no home décor or design question that would ever go unanswered as every kind of expert is on hand to specifically assist with your every need.

Homemakers Expo will keep you abreast of the latest trends in home décor and design.

The Homemakers Expo is an up-to-date showcase of the latest trends in home décor, design and lifestyle and every year the top trends are revealed. No matter whether these trends are local to our South African roots or whether they are international trends, the Homemakers Expo has got it covered. It looks at ways in which to create a style, decorate a space or renovate the home and will cover all your options ranging from DIY to expert design.

We are excited to be taking part and look forward to seeing you there.

We are excited to be a part of such an extravagant Expo and to spend a weekend amongst our peers and clientele. We too are waiting with bated breath to hear what trends are set to take the home décor and design industry by storm this year. If you are a homeowner and looking to improve or revamp your home then this is the Expo for you. For all your glass design needs, please don’t hesitate to pay Window Art a visit. We will be ready and waiting to take you through the different options we have and to share our portfolio with you.

For more information, please visit the Homemakers Online website.

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