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It seems there has been a shift in the dynamics of office design, a revolution if you will, where non-hierarchical office accessories are becoming the norm. Employees are moving away from being money driven to craving more meaning and purpose and it is your duty to provide your employees with the best in order for them to feel welcome and consequently produce their best work.

The office sphere is moving away from cubical segregation

Offices are moving away from the traditional cubicle landscape and opting for an open environment, that means investing in office accessories that enhance collaboration and conversation.

To incorporate this trend in your office, use privacy pods and nooks that fosters distraction free spaces for your employees, allowing more flexibility and movement within the room. Today, an employee no longer needs to be tied to a single room to get their job done.

Create a sheltered place to relax or work on Atelier sofas with screens on their sides to block out noise and visual distraction, watch out you may just get lost in there for hours.

What to do when your employees want more privacy

In addition to displaying a hatred for the office cubicle and begging employers to get with the times, it seems today’s employees craves more privacy in the office. We all know it’s next to impossible to take a personal call without the whole office overhearing you, or to keep super focused when there are a gazillion distractions around you eager to steal your thunder. But have no fear, bestselling author Susan Cain teamed up with office furniture company Steelcase to create an office space dedicated to office introverts.

Name your rooms to give it that personal touch, like Mindshare (when you need to get your creative on) or the Be Me room (when you need to make a personal call). This evokes an emotional connection with a room, to make employees feel more comfortable at work.

Google are no strangers to doing this, in fact they are the masters. In their New York headquarters, some of their rooms resemble real homes, down to the tables, chairs and awkward family photos on the walls, being Google they even have secret trick-door bookcases that lead to private reflection rooms.

Keith Houghton from EFG European Furniture Group, informs us that an interesting trend for 2016 is creating the homey feel in the office with the introduction of residential style furnishings, including solid wood desks that look more like dining room tables or lighting that would feel more comfortable at home. So keep this in mind when shopping for your office accessories, home furniture is ripe for the picking.

Pieces with multipurpose

Having a designated lounge area for instance can be used to chat to clients that have just arrived, take a five minute load-off or have a casual catch up meeting with your staff. “We’ll also see more oval-shaped office desks, which allow for a more convenient place for 4-6 people to meet, as well as a shift toward height adjustable tables for standing meetings,” says Scott Lesizza, principal at Workwell Partners. Joe Paine offers a range of multipurpose furniture like this Klara Shelf that can double as a office room divider.

Bringing the outside in

Probably your greatest and simplest weapon in your office accessories arsenal is incorporating plants in the office. This trend never gets old, because it’s a crowd pleaser. To get a standing ovation from your employees, why not create your own hanging planter? All you’ll need is a nice long piece of plank wood, recycled bottles and your imagination, learn how to make it here. Plants will add warmth, life and a fresh perspective to your office.

Frosted vinyl as an office accessory

Incorporating frosted vinyl in your office helps reinforce your brand image and create employee morale.

Wherever you look in the office, it’ll be hard to miss it, especially if you use it as a office divider. Contact us today to get a comprehensive understanding on what we offer.

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