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’Tis the season when window decals grace us with their presence throughout the country. Don’t leave your windows bare and unfestive this Christmas . This is a great time of the year to flex your creativity and dazzle everyone with  out-of-this-world decorations.

Window decals are flexible, they can be put anywhere.

Whether it’s at home or at your place of work (festive  decals look particularly good in shopfront displays) and are an exciting addition to your windows this season and they’re such fun not even Scrooge could deny the magic of Christmas. Try to think outside of the box when choosing your window decals and have fun with it.

When it comes to attracting more people to your store, festive decals and a strong window display can be the hook that transforms passers by into active shoppers. Reel them in with creative vinyl decals. Here are some ideas:

Have a reindeer bide his time before having to work hard on Christmas Eve.

Create an eco-centric and stylish effect with silhouttes. Just look at how magnificent this reindeer looks in this snow white  forest.Is it Dasher, Blitzen, Comet or Vixen? It can’t be Rudolph – I can’t see a red nose. . .

Or create a winter wonderland with enchanting snowflakes. I know it’s not cold in South Africa right now, but it still looks amazing. And if it bothers you that it’s really blazing hot outside,  get cheeky with an image of St Nick in a colourful swimsuit, bare stomach sticking out and sunglasses on that’s sure to turn some heads.

Make a bold statement

Break the norm and put a wreath on your window instead of your door. Go bold with a huge sign that says “Merry Christmas. Or come up with your own wording that  that expresses how you feel this festive season, maybe it’s “Hope”, “Joy” or “Peace”. Better yet why not stack each word slightly overlapping  the other, at a slanted angle.

If you want to keep it simple . . .

Make it look as if your entire window has been wrapped and is ready to spread joy in someone’s life. Have Christmas decorations or candy canes dangle off the top of your window and settle on a simple, yet elegant Christmas tree decal to fill up your entire window.

Be bold, be brave, be strong…

You could use the image of the Grinch to entice shoppers to scratch the itch to dig deep into their pockets and spend  by displaying a decal with something along the lines of “Don’t be a Grinch this Christmas. . .” or, “Ignore your inner Grinch and get into the spirit of giving this festive season”.

Get catchy Christmas songs stuck in everyone’s head

‘Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la la la la la la . . .’ ‘Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way . . .’ and the ever persistent ‘last Christmas I gave you my heart . . .’. With window decals you can get these songs stuck in everyone’s heads. If I’ve already gotten these songs stuck in your head, then mission accomplished, have yourselves a merry little Christmas.

Not enough ideas? click here  to get more inspirational Christmas decoration ideas. This is the season of giving, so give your audience something beautiful to look at when they pass your windows.

photo credit: aliexpress.com, http://image.dhgate.com/, http://www.ab-one.gr/

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