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The Gallagher Convention Centre was a buzz with excitement. Once again people flocked (and queued) to get into the Johannesburg Decorex. Here’s a quick recap of the shows events and the features that made headlines and caused a stir at the show, leaving people eager to find out more.

Chandeliers galore

Decorex Johannesburg wasn’t shy of chandeliers this year. There were chandeliers that deliberately made a statement, huge chandeliers that demanded to be seen, cluster of pendants, chandeliers that incorporated fan panels, magnificent crystal chandeliers, with a clever artificial candle element. It seems like chandeliers are big this year and if you don’t have one of these beautiful pieces maybe it’s time you saw the light.

Kitchen trends

Trending in the kitchen is smart technology that hides plugs in plain sight. All you have to do is press a round stainless steel button and your plug socket will pop out. It seems like keeping  everything in the kitchen tastefully tucked away is something trendy homemakers are getting excited about. Have a look at this kitchen unit that stocks everything you will need in the kitchen (stove and sink included), but once the doors are closed, it looks like an ordinary kitchen cabinet.

Cool tech at the Maker’s corner

Everyone flocked around Morgan 3D printers as visitors were delighted with a live 3D printing display of small moulded products. You can order your own 3D printed product straight from their website.

100% Design excellence

100% Design South Africa has co-located alongside Decorex since 2014 and has always been a crowd favourite for the place to source the best local and international design. According to 100% Design, “100% Colour “expresses the power of colour to create a specific mood, message or meaning in design.” The Colour Continent feature, according to Cathy O’Clery the Curator and Programmes Director at 100% Design South Africa, “is structured around the four cardinal directions: North, South, East and West.”  and each direction represents unique “cultural amalgamations and design influences.” A lot of exhibitors took a liking to the Ndebele desk featured on the South African stand by deSteyl. Seen in the photo below on the far right-hand side.

According to 100% Design South Africa, “every year curator Cathy O’Clery scours the country for 100 beautiful objects that are designed and in production in South Africa.” Featured in this year’s 100 Beautiful things collection is Johannesburg themed décor, including Number 3: the skyline bag rack, and Number 11: a hand-crafted wooden Telkom Tower sculpture.

What we got up to at the Decorex exhibition

Like Decorex, we pride ourselves on offering South Africa the best décor elements. We had our window frosting on display and answered an abundance of questions surrounding our product offering. If you couldn’t catch us at the show you can still find out more about what we have to offer right here. Download our window frosting home renovation guide for more assistance.

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