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Office screens are a thing of the past. While you may spot them in the odd office here and there, or most certainly in the likes of ghastly government buildings, they are no longer welcome in trendy, modern offices.

Office screens have been banished, but with very good reason.

Office screens are dull, block out light and isolate your staff or teams from each other. While privacy is still necessary in many offices, absolute isolation via felt-covered office screens does not improve productivity or enhance the wellbeing of your employees. Office screens have been given an overhaul and modern office interiors boast glass office screens, which are being used to create aesthetically pleasing offices, boardrooms and meeting rooms. Because glass is the material being used, the office is able to hold onto an open-plan look and feel.

Here are four benefits of incorporating glass office screens in your office space:

Glass office screens encourage integration and collaboration

Glass office screens allow staff members to continue to have their own designated workspaces without feeling completely isolated. Glass office screens allow your employees to feel more integrated, encouraging collaboration and open lines of communication.

Build trust

Closed doors don’t develop trust and many times employees can feel a strong segregation between themselves and those behind the closed doors of big offices. By including more glass in the interior design, employees will feel a stronger sense of openness and honesty. Likewise, your clients will also be positively affected by the open and literally transparent feeling that your office exudes.

Position yourself as future-focused

Using glass as a predominant material in your office interior design gives the space a distinct modern feel, which intimates that your company is a forward-thinking, future-focused enterprise. It sends a subconscious message that you are a visionary and innovative operation.

Never go out of style

Glass office screens are an affordable and durable office installation and they never go out of style. Glass doesn’t become outdated as other materials might. What’s more, it doesn’t fade or tarnish and won’t need to be replaced anytime soon.

Frosted vinyl can spruce up your windows, doors and your glass office screens.

Plain glass is, of course, rather boring. It also won’t attend to your privacy needs. For this reason, glass office screens usually require frosted vinyl or some kind of glass treatment. Using a treatment such as frosted vinyl on your glass can also spark creativity in your workspace. You can brand the space with custom-designed frosting and create a flow of design throughout the interior. To find out more about how frosted vinyl can enhance the glass in your office, please download our free Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide.

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