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To be human, is to be curious. We always seek answers to questions, why – because we are inquisitive creatures. For this reason we decided to look back and see how far window film has come over the years.

Window film has always been about blocking out unwanted solar heat

The concept of using window film to block out solar heat dates back to the 1960s. The main objective of window film was to reflect back the heat caused by the sun and limiting the effect of  warming home interiors, while still allowing you to see through the glass. Window film was, and still is, a sought-after product to fine-tune imbalances in the temperature of your home.

Then colour was added

As the product was later developed and improved upon, there came about a demand for a versatility of colour to choose from that would complement home design and architecture. Initial colours available included bronze, grey, blue, green and gold.

When the energy crisis hit

According to History, “by the early 1970s, American oil consumption–in the form of gasoline and other products–was rising even as domestic oil production was declining.” This energy crisis prompted the need for rooms to stay warmer in the winter and not rely on heating home design systems that used expensive materials.

Security becomes a priority

Other important developments during the 1970s include mixing dye and metal materials to reduce the mirror appearance of window film and during the mid 1970s, more focus was on creating a mixture that would provide better security.

Throughout history, window film has been the silent protector of people, whether it’s saving them from shattered glass during a bomb blast or providing better security at home. Window film ensures that your windows will be stronger than ever before.

What is in store for the window film industry in the future?

“Reducing energy usage will continue to be a priority in the future,” says Patric Fransko, with 16 years’ experience in the window film industry. Whether you see it as a way to save the planet or save more money in our current economic pitfalls, utilising a home design that uses less energy is everyone’s priority.

Using our vinyl art is one of the most effective ways to reduce your energy consumption year-round, by retaining warmth in winter and softening harsh sunlight in summer.

“I have been putting up film for forty years also and really love this industry. This business is somewhat rare in the fact that the product does the job and does not require any exaggeration. I have watched the progression of the products from the early days of applying glue to the window to install non-hard coated thin films. I am looking forward to what the future will provide in this business,” Comments Brian Arnett of Midwest tinting.

What our history says about us

Here at Window Art, with over ten years experience, we strive to provide South Africa with the best innovative window film on offer and to continuously improve our service. Which is why we align ourselves with the best architects, builders and interior designers to bring quality window film straight to your doorstep.

When looking to renovate your home design, consider using vinyl art to reduce your carbon footprint, but at the same time keeping your home looking more stylish than ever with our artistic designs to choose from. For more information, download our window frosting inspiration guide and let the rest be history.

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