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“The South African design aesthetic is diverse.” says Ryan Matchett in Homeowner’s trends 2016 edition. And for a nation as diverse as ours, it’s difficult to identify a single interior design style unique to South Africa. We often draw inspiration from the international market and try to add our own flair to it. As we saw with our Q&A with DDL Design & Décor Lab  who are inspired by international interior design brands like Georgio Armani Casa and Fendi Home.

Homemakers also keep their eyes on international trends and ask designers what the new international fads are, designers were happy to oblige. After all: “Designers are there to fulfil your wishes – resembling the role of a genie.”— according to the slogan of South African interior design company Rumor Has It.

When you think about South African interior design, the first images that will probably pop into your mind are animal skins, soap stones and brown hues. But we should strive to move away from tasteless clichés and create magic by taking everything we see around us and making it our own. Elle Decoration editor, Bielle Bellingham says in their 2016 trend report, “It’s certainly not about blindly following what you’re told, but rather about keeping yourself up-to-date, so that you are well equipped to make the best decisions.”

The future of interior design is in the homemakers hands

The future of South African interior design, as in almost every industry, will be more focussed on the consumer. Interior designers need to focus on what their clients what. In South Africa there has been a greater focus on smart homes, making smarter buying decisions that affect our environment and sourcing local products, décor and furniture. And as Elle Decoration explains, “buyers generally tend to look for that perfect once in a lifetime buy, without it costing an arm and a leg, and if it does, it needs to serve its purpose to the best of its materialistic ability.” South Africans want the best, and they won’t settle for anything less than that.

What our designers are up to

Exciting times lie ahead as South Africa gives more importance to urban design.The principle asks designers to use three dimensional thinking, keeping in mind city space, and the relationship this form has on land, context, society and its history. The best example is the way real estate developer Jonathan Liebmann is improving the Maboneng Precinct using this urban design concept, or the focus of the upcoming development in Pretoria called Menlyn Maine, that’s aiming to be the first green city in South Africa.

With an abundance of talent in South Africa, certainly we can start setting our own trends that others will want to follow. Anne Roselt, Plascon Colour Manager, explains in issue 18 that she visited SABC’s Win a Home Competition and was blown away by the young talent and adds: “it really makes me excited for the future of design in this country.”

We believe the future of interiors should be set by all of us. And we should foster a place within our homes that shows off our own personalities and doesn’t merely aim to replicate something depicted in a magazine. Try something new, be adventurous in your own home and give it a little mystery with our vinyl decals.

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