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When thinking about glass art, a work of art melted together with pieces of glass as in glass bowls or sculptures or in the glass blowing technique probably springs to mind, but the glass art we’ll be discussing in this blog is something a little different.

The glass art we feature is tempered glass manufactured through a process of extreme heat and rapid cooling, making it more durable than normal glass. This thermal process also makes the glass heat resistant. And according to Scientific American, “unlike annealed glass, which can shatter into jagged shards when broken, tempered glass fractures into small, relatively harmless pieces.” this feature is why it is often referred to as safety glass.

Where can you use glass art?

Glass art is a versatile product that can be used just about anywhere, from the office to home. Businesses can add a decorative element to their corporate offices like we did for this engineering firm, taking one of their boardrooms from bland to sophisticated in an instant.

Glass art can function as a decorative piece of art and a whiteboard simultaneously, like this example. Glass art white boards are an excellent feature to make use of in the office. You can offer your employees somewhere extra special to jot down notes during a brainstorming session. You don’t have to worry about dust from traditional whiteboards, and it’s easier and more comfortable to write on. Glass art white boards are also easier to read off from a distance, so there will be no complaints during a presentation or meeting.

You can also use glass art as a branded feature wall that can be placed in the entranceway of your office for all to see. We did this for Drizit Environmental with the effect of creating a clean-cut branding option, showcasing the company’s drive to use environmentally-friendly décor and displays. Use glass art to show off a moment that you are proud of in your company’s history. Or a photograph of the entire company. We can personalise your display as much as you want. Even if you want a more generic feel, you can make use of Shutterstock images and we’ll work our magic to ensure it looks good in your office space.

Why glass art whiteboards rock

There’s no special maintenance needed for glass art whiteboards and unlike the traditional wooden version that stains over time and will need to be replaced, our glass art whiteboards will last you a lifetime. Its high-glass finish makes it easy to clean and will never stain or drastically change its shape over time, leaving you with the same looking product you purchased from day one. Contact us today to let us help you make your office space more sophisticated. For more vinyl art examples, download our vinyl art corporate guide.

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