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My five year old will climb anything. She thinks that any kind of structure is worth a climb if she can manage it. When I took her to my old office on a visit (I wanted to check in with my former colleagues), she climbed the window sill and began mastering the art of window blind climbing. This resulted in broken, tangled blind control cords and two torn blinds from where she grabbed on to steady herself from a fall. Because blinds are easily replaced this incidence was not the end of the world but it does highlight the problems with office blinds.

The downside of office blinds is that they can cause many a problem. Here is why:

Conventional office blinds – whether they be vertical blinds or horizontal roller blinds or even wooden slatted blinds – are a bit finicky. The cords cause a lot of hassles in that they break easily and can be quite dangerous, posing a strangulation threat to both small children and pets.

Office blinds are made to fit and if you move offices or renovate your office space often times you cannot reuse the blinds as the sizing is different.

Blinds that are made from fabric or from wood will be damaged if exposed to constant sunlight. Furthermore, blinds in humid areas such as the bathroom and kitchen can suffer damage from the moisture.

Blinds are notorious dust collectors and rather difficult to keep clean. Fabric blinds can be washed but it is a laborious task to say the least and wooden or aluminium blinds are difficult to wipe down and dust off.

Office blinds do not aid in creating a comfortable workspace as they do not offer UV protection or have any anti-glare properties as other window treatments do. UV rays protection and warding off the sun’s harsh glare go a long way to ensuring that your staff find their workspace an easy and pleasant environment.

So if not office blinds, then what?

In the office environment you want to create a space that is free of any clutter, that underpins comfort and productivity and that supports the wellbeing of your staff. By using a window treatment such as frosted vinyl you are able to ensure that these workspace needs are met.

Frosted vinyl can be custom-made to suit your style palette; it can brand your office and attend to your specific privacy needs. In fact, an office space that has been branded with its logo, slogan and indicators of its corporate culture will inspire, motivate and encourage productivity in your staff. Browse through our Office Design and Corporate Branding Guide to find out more about how frosted vinyl can be used for corporate branding and created a modern office space.

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