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Many homeowners are leaning towards creating a green living space in their homes. The idea of a healthy home is catching on quickly, and many interior designers are adopting a green living approach to the work they do for their clients.

While creating a green living space has gained much popularity the idea is not without criticism.

There are always critics when it comes to new, innovative ways of doing things and so is the case with green living. We have decided to have a look at the pros and cons of green living; what the supporters are saying, and what the critics are arguing.

The pros of green living are many, but here are the top three reasons why this trend is a growing one:

Green living spaces create an environment of well-being.

Most times, green living spaces make use of natural light to illuminate the interior as opposed to artificial lighting. This usually means that homeowners use window treatments like frosted window vinyl instead of blinds and curtains. The natural light promotes a feeling of well-being in the occupants of the home and the lack of blinds and curtains means there is less dust collected, and less opportunity for mould or mildew to grow.

The value of your property could increase.

A green home is a valuable one and with the rise of the green consumer, property buyers are looking to purchase houses that are built in a green manner. Durable and sustainable materials are long-lasting and require little maintenance. One example of this is the use of bamboo as a flooring material, a durable and sustainable resource.

Your energy bills are lowered.

Everything involved in green living allows you to save on electricity. Green living includes better insulation, sealed doors and windows, the use of natural light and efficient cooling and heating. Even the appliances you buy can be energy efficient and all of these aspects of green living will save you money in the long run.

Here are three arguments that the critics claim are the cons of green living:

You are confined into one interior style.

The idea of green living conjures a view of a green, brown and beige colour scheme – predominantly the colours found in nature. To have a green home, you have to use everything wood, hemp and organic. You cannot choose your own interior style and any type of décor that is modern or tech-savvy if you wish to go green. This is not entirely true, however, it may take a bit more effort to achieve the ideal.

The materials needed to construct a green living space are difficult to find.

The materials needed to create a truly green living space are not always easily found. The choices are fewer and there is more to take in account when choosing fixtures and fittings. To source these materials takes a little extra work and determination.

The initial investment in creating a green living space can be expensive.

Green living requires some capital outlay as a once-off investment in order to reap the benefits in the long run. Green technologies tend to use costlier materials than conventional products and this results in a higher selling price. This money will be recouped over time, however, you need to spend first and save later.

If you are sold on the idea of creating a green living space, then download our new, free ‘Guide to Greening your Home’. In this guide, we offer insight into the many ways in which you can go green in your home.

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